Question for Bob Cherub

Bob, do you like… gladiator movies?

What do you think of Lum’s sefishness?

Follow up: Do you think there should be one master thread, or a series of individual threads?

Can we get a “Threads Directed at Bob Cherub” subforum?

Why is LesJarvis asking this question to you instead of Tom?

Is every post in this thread going to be in the form of a question?


What can you tell me about… voodoo?

Can you believe that Lum broke the unwritten law?

FOLLOW UP: What should his punishment be?


You do.

Do what?

Who do voodoo like you do?

Marged with the combo breaker!

(remind me of the baby)

It’s the girl. The GIRL with the power of voodoo!


The baby with the power?

Statement, one, love

And we’re all wrong. It’s the babe.


Bowie will now feed us to his goblins.

No, it’s man, as the exchange was originally between Cary Grant and Shirley Temple in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947).

This was lifted almost wholesale in Labyrinth, which is where most people know it from today, except David Bowie says “the babe” instead of “a man” and “voodoo” instead of “hoodoo,” even though the exchange really doesn’t work with “voodoo.”

I fail at synchronized posting.

Excuse me while I shrink into the corner…