Question for cat owners... our kitty stinks like !#*@

Our wonderful kitten that is so full of life, has almost turned the coerner from being “isn’t that cute” to, “ughhh”. She’s a mid-long furred cat and when she leaves the cat box is smells like she rolled in the worst poop you’ve ever smelled. It’s so overwhelming I can’t even bear touching her, and when I was asleep she laid on my chest (normally I like that) and I stunk horribly after that. I had to tear off my sweatshirt to remove the stink.

Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, but I have to be very careful with my health as I have some problems with highly resistant lung infections. So thinking of “playing with a cat that’s been in poop” is making me a bit OCD.

So, what can we do about it? Are there any sprays? Is it because we have a large covered cat box? She also likes to fart when we pet her. It’s like she relaxes and she releases these real stink bombs. Is it because she has longer fur (our other cat has short fur). Is it possible she rolls in it? Doesn’t seem likely as we don’t see stuff attached to her.

We’d be immensely thankful for any help.

Give her a bath. Or, take her to a place that grooms animals and have them do it. If she still stinks/farts in your face, take her + stool sample to the vet.

You might also consider changing foods.

Out with the cat, in with the Cairn Terrier. Imagine a loyal cat that doesn’t shed.

She needs to lay off the booze.

I second the suggestion to try changing her food and see if that helps. Does her poop look normal when you clean the box (ie, not diarrhea or any weird colors)? The covered box shouldn’t make that big a difference unless you don’t clean it often enough.

Other than that, I can’t really help. My cat has the exact opposite issue - he always smells bizarrely like perfume when I get home. I think he’s cheating on me.

Change her diet to a quality cat food.

Actually, one of my cats has been laying really nasty turds lately too. It’s weird and disgusting.

But as far as the cat itself smelling: seriously, just wash it.

Her butt fur may be long enough that her poops are getting stuck in it and drying. In all seriousness, trim it.

I second “take a sample to the vet.”

Take her to the vet, they’ll recommend a fecal sample also. I had this problem recently with one of my cats after I adopted her. Sometimes it can be worms, sometimes it can just be that she has a really fragrant strain of intestinal flora. Either way, it can be remedied with medication.

I had a cat with the same problem, and here is what I know.

  1. It was a combination of diet and n internal something or other (not worms, but some bacteria that made her smell like something died inside her).
  2. We had a covered cat box.
  3. We were feeding her human scraps ocassionally.

Our solution:

  1. We got a Litter Maid, which raked the stinky poop into a closed container automagically. They can be purchased nowadays rather cheaply and save you money in the long run, seriously.
  2. We took her to the vet and had them run a “fecal flotation.” (sorry to be gross) She had a problem and was given some meds.
  3. We changed her diet to a “hairball” formula (Science Diet and Royal Canin make them for instance, if you get the big bags it’s not horrifically expensive) that keeps their insides much cleaner, longer. She had longer hair, so it was sensible to do so.
  4. We nixxed the human scraps. We believe they were contributing to her digestion problems (she farted too.)
  5. Ocassional breath freshener/digestion type pills in the form of kitty treats may be in order if 1 through 4 don’t solve it. Ask your vet.

After 2 weeks, kitty stopped smelling like a shithouse.

Shoot it.

Or take a fresh sample to the vet.

I wouldn’t get that worried - apparently all kittens have trouble digesting cat food and make horrible smells.

From our resident pet genius, here.

Thanks. The histiocytoma on my dogs ear is gone.

Sometimes patience and conservatism is a good thing.

We had a Maine Coon that had a slight traveling dingleberries[1] problem due to her luxurious fur gauchos[2]. Solution: I gave her an ass haircut. But I’m crafty like that. I’d recommend a professional groomer, though:

[1] I enjoyed their first album, too bad Roy Orbison died
[2] potential band name

Also a potential band name.

Aren’t you an editor?

Whoa, get thee behind me Satan!

We feed her Natural-Choice kitten food. She has fur made for winter climes. I’d almost swear she’s a real Russian Blue. She’s got boatloads of fur coming out of her ears, and her feet have more fure on the underside than I’ve ever seen in an old mans nostrils. She’s seriously decked out with winter snowshoes.

We do bathe her about every 2 weeks, and she is terribly persnicky about the kitty litter. If it’s a bit to full, she craps in front of the kitty litter box.

Yeah, you need to clean the box daily. My cat is also very picky about the litter box. She won’t use it if there is a deuce already in it. Normally, she’ll piss multiple times in it, but one pile, and it’s over. Gotta clean it, or she won’t use it. I’m assuming since she is a kitten, she isn’t fat or anything like that. My cat got so fat, she couldn’t clean her ass. Fixed by putting her on a diet. Try changing the diet. I’m not sure if you do soft/hard food, but try only hard, and see how that works. I’ve noticed the cats I’ve had over the years, if they respond poorly to food, it is usually the wet stuff. Also, get some kitty wipes. Good way of keeping the cat clean without having to actually put her in water.

Erik J.