Question for the game developers/publishers here

It’s not that there is “no planned release”, it’s that US publishers often couldn’t be bothered with this sort of niche game - and this is one such example (to date). The UK turns out to be a good size - big enough to have some market size and a handful of niche publishers but not so big that they are looking for bigger numbers than a product like SR2 might get. Star Wolves and Seal of Evil are two more examples that have been released in the UK but can’t find a US publisher.

Publishers/distributors are like people. Some are honest, some are dishonest.

It’s really impossible to say whether they’re getting paid or not. Hopefully they are. ;)

Most publishers in my experience are reputable. There are bad apples out there or incompotent ones but on the whole, any decent sized distributor or publisher will play by the rules.

Careful Jamie. Strategy First is the company that bilked a developer out of a LOT of money. Said developer is using them again, so hopefully they’ve fixed those issues.