Question on AIM

Long story, but we need to set up a video chat in AIM. I know, Skype would be better, as would other services, but for now we need to do this in AIM.

Question: starting a video chat is no problem. However, the window showing what the other person is seeing in video is extremely small. Is there a way to significantly enlarge that screen?


Having not used AIM in over a decade, there’s at least some generic advice I’d offer: have the other person try to reduce their resolution. While that won’t make the video look any better, it should increase the amount of space it takes up on the screen.

Is there a better program that will allow a bigger video window of what is being seen on the other side (i.e. what your own camera is showing) and also allow communication via text chat simultaneously? The people on one side will not have a camera and will have to “talk” via chat (due to some physical handicaps.)

Pretty sure Skype lets you mix video, voice, and text chat without issue when used on a real computer (as opposed to the mobile versions).