Question on Office and email

I have Office Pro 2010, and when I try to do a “send” of a document from Word, via email, it automatically tries to do it via Livemail. I want it to use Gmail. I can’t find anything in the help files on setting the default email program in Office.

Anyone know how to do this?


I don’t think you can - at least not in the way that you want to. Live Mail is an email client, Gmail is an email service with a web interface. What you would need to do is set Live Mail (or Outlook since you probably also have that) up to use your Gmail account via IMAP.

I could be wrong but I don’t think that there’s a way to have Windows open a browser and navigate to Gmail whenever someone tries to send an email from a local application, particularly if the email will have an attachment (which it will if you emailing a document from Word).

The Office “send to” function has been hard wired to use thick client email since the beginning. I’d be genuinely surprised if they had changed that in 2010.

You can set your default email program via Internet Options under the “Programs” tab.

There are some registry edit recomendations for Windows 7 that I found via this link:

quick guide for those not familiar with registry editing:

  1. in the start menu search bar type regedit and hit enter
  1. navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\mailto\shell\open\command” using the folder structure on the left
  1. right click on the name field (should say “default”) and click “modify”
  1. copy the text in there and save as a temporary backup should anything go wrong
  1. paste “C:\Users*username*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”" in the box (with quotes on both sides)
  1. edit username to be your username on your computer this name can be viewed at “C:\Users”
  1. click “ok” and close regedit

NOTE: this is set up to open in the chrome browser if you use another browser the “Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” will have to be replaced with the other browsers file path

(I have not tested this as I use chrome)

It seems logical to me, but I have not tested this. It looks like the quote messed the formating of those registry strings, so make sure you use the correct path.

Yeah, for some reason that will not allow me to uncheck Live Mail as the mail client.

it’s not unsetting Live Mail you have to do, but setting Outlook as the default.

As someone else said, if you quickly configure Live Mail to connect to your gmail account, you’re in essence accomplishing exactly what you want to do.

I thought you had to have a paid account to do that?

Nope, I hadn’t actually done this myself yet, but I just opened Windows Live Mail for the first time, added my gmail account, and about 20 seconds later I could send mail from it using the right-click context menu.