Question on voice changing and text to voice

OK- odd question. Short story, we have a big going away party at work happening and as part of a game we need to be able to have people speak but change their voice in a believable manner. So, for example, one of the guys speak and answer questions but it sounds like a real woman speaking.

Is there any hardware, as in a handheld unit, that allows you to do that that is cheaper than some esoteric spy store equipment? Alternatively, we could have the people type answers into a computer if there was a truly realistic text to voice piece of software that didn’t sound like a computer (I suspect that is a really big challenge, all I’ve heard is clearly computer sounding in terms of pauses and emphasis.)


You could hire starving actors to read the text that people type in.

Can you use slips of paper that you have other people read aloud?

There’s also the AT&T TTS demo, although it may not sound human enough for your purposes.

  • Alan

Handheld I don’t know about, but any effects box will do pitch shifting, which gives you a reasonable approximation to a change of sex.

I typed in “voice changer” into google and got lots of useful links.