Question regarding using LCD TVs as a gaming monitor

I’m thinking it won’t work very well but I’m not sure so I figured I’d throw it out there.

I was looking at the Dell W2600 (26" LCD TV) as both an HDTV Xbox/PS2 monitor and as a computer monitor for general computing and games. However, how would this monitor be for gaming? I know there are ghosting issues in faster moving games. I’ve read you dont want more than 16 ms response for gaming and this tv has 25 ms.

I ask just because I can get this TV for about $500 off its price and would love to use as a combo unit.

Second, if using it as a PC gaming monitor would be bad news, I’ve heard the Dell UltraSharp FP2001 is a really good flat panel for gaming.

Opinions? help, etc, much appreciated :)

Well i have a Samsung 912N after the christmas swag had been exchanged, which netted me about 100ish cumulatively after deducting what i had bought, but im using it with the laptop till i fix my main. I will say that i love its depth of color, view range, and lack of moniter refresh; and Age of Mythology and Dominions 2 seem to run just fine without ghosting. This is with a 25ms PVA moniter.

A big part of its legibility on the net seems to be the Cleartype technology, so make sure you have that option enabled in your OS.