Questionable Spawn Locations

I get annoyed in FPS when enemy spawn locations are stupid or illogical. Like on the sniper level in Medal of Honor–I found a German hiding in an an armoire. This kind of stuff has always seemed so unrealistic, because really, what the hell would he be doing in there?

Well, I take it back. I apologize to Level’ord, American McGee, and all the other level designing visionaries who were ahead of their time.

Courtesy the NY Times:

A second of Mr. Hussein’s palaces, situated near Baghdad’s international airport, was also under allied control. It was searched by American soldiers after they killed two snipers guarding the complex and captured others who identified themselves as Syrian “volunteers” left behind by the Republican Guard.

One sniper was dragged from a refrigerator where he was hiding.

Of course, I guess we could also accuse the fucekr of camping.

This link works better:

The Burning Question: Did he have the AWP, or just a Scout? :)

Anyplace in the game “Tribes 2” is a questionable spawn location. If you’re playing that game, chances are you have some Belgian soccer player’s cock between your teeth as you read this.

since he lost round 1, i’m guessing he didn’t have $4750 to blow.