Questions about the Microsoft Habu

So I got a MS/Razer Habu since it’s pretty much the perfect mouse for me: same resolution as the G5/G7 but twice the readout rate, similarly comfortable shape & weight, and Razer even solved the mystery of adding a forward button. The only problem is it’s wired… I’ll see how much the wire gets in the way. But at the price I had to try anyway.

Now the mouse works just fine without a special driver – I also ran the G7 without a driver, and perhaps not coincidentally without any problems. But the 1.02 update on the Razer website says it enables a 32 KB on-mouse memory… is this good for anything? Any issues with stupid default settings that I’d need to fix?

So after digging up a freeware tool to unpack those stupid InstallShield CAB files (which are different from Microsoft CAB files, just so you can’t easily unpack them!) I found the help file. This selfsame help file told me strange things about “profiles” you can save, with button assignments and per-axis sensitivity and stuff. So I guess this is what’s stored in the mysterious on-mouse memory, right?

I’ve not tested the Habu, but if it’s like the other Razer mouse controllers it can store the profile in the mouse itself, so you can move it to another machine and retain its settings.

Thanks. Since I don’t need that functionality I guess that reduces the utility of the Razer driver to reassigning the buttons and turning off the pretty blue light.

I can’t get my Habu software to even see the Habu mouse, not to mention updating the firmware. Any suggestions? I’d like to change the scrolling rate at least, not to mention use the extra buttons.

Thanks in advance,


Actually there are some pretty good reasons why you wouldn’t want to run the G7 with the Logitech drivers under Vista, namely it freaks the fuck out on you all the time and makes the up/down sensitivity buttons unable to toggle higher than the middle setting (hitting up doesn’t do anything the first time then it makes it go DOWN lol).

Yeah, we’re talking about the Razer Habu here, not the Logitech G7…

Lorini: what extra buttons? All the Habu buttons work just fine without any drivers. Can’t help you with the firmware or driver since I never tried to install it, but IMO you really don’t need to.

How do you assign any actions to the buttons since the software doesn’t see the mouse?


I hate to say this, but I think you’re probably just fucked.

I had a Razer Copperhead that developed a similar problem when I attempted to update the firmware. Nothing I tried worked, so I just threw the damn thing away and got a Logitech. Much better mouse, even if I am left-handed.

In any event, I think your only option is to try tech support. If the support is through Razer, then return to line one of this response, “You’re probably just fucked.” Hope for your sake it’s Microsoft.

I’m thinking the same thing, McBain. Geez, I really wanted this mouse too. I may try returning it to Amazon, since it’s still within the 30 day period. I’ll just pick up a G5 later today.


Did the mouse ever work? Like I said I’m just running without any drivers or firmware updates, and it works just fine. Have you tried simply uninstalling the Habu driver and running with the built-in Windows driver?

Yes, the mouse will work without its drivers, but I can’t change the resolution and the speed of the mouse because those things are changed in the Habu config app, and the app won’t see the mouse. So I went out and got a G5, which is nice, but really, not much better than the Habu mouse with no drivers. Except you can change the resolution.


But I can change the resolution without drivers! The two buttons below the scroll wheel work just fine. Are you saying that the firmware update disabled this function?

Well, if her problem was the same one I had, then yeah, it would have disabled it.

When my firmware got borked, Windows would only recognize the Razer as a Human Interface Device. Basically, it functioned as a two button mouse with a scroll-wheel, and the rest of the buttons stopped working.

PROTIP: Don’t try to update your firmware.

So Razer makes updates that destroy your hardware… fantastic. Glad I didn’t install any of that crap. I’ll delete it right away so I won’t ever install it by accident.

I was able to update the firmware for my new Habu.

Follow the instructions here

Simplified version-- or, what I did that worked:

  1. Download both the latest Habu drivers and the latest Copperhead drivers.
  2. DO NOT install Habu drivers!
  3. Plug Habu into computer while holding down round profile button on bottom of mouse. Mouse should NOT light up and function, if it does, start over.
  4. You will be prompted for “unknown device” driver.
  5. Install habu drivers but do not reboot.
  6. Re-scan for drivers for the “unknown device”, the Habu driver install will allow the computer to find the flash memory device.
  7. Install the Copperhead driver, do NOT reboot.
  8. Run the Copperhead utility, click through the “mouse not detected” error, and use the save/load firmware function. You will be prompted for a file, use the BIOS file from the Habu driver (ends in .s19).
  9. Uninstall Copperhead drivers.
  10. After reboot, enjoy fully functioning Habu mouse and drivers!

Why they can’t write a Habu driver that does this correctly, I have no idea…

The big advantage of doing this is that you can set up a default config for the mouse (LEDs on or off, resolution, etcetera) and that config will be saved in the mouse’s firmware… so it’ll work on any computer you plug it into, whether or not that computer has the Habu drivers loaded.

Pretty sweet feature, if only it worked out of the box.

Does the Habu have the same wicked high arch that the Copperhead does? I like my Copperhead a lot, but the arch in the palm of the hand is so high my hand aches after a while.

Habu is, near as I can tell, basically a direct clone of the classic IntelliMouse 3.0 design…

I don’t know the Copperhead but the Habu doesn’t appear particularly arched. I think Razer’s other mice are smaller than the Habu so they don’t compare directly anyway.