Questions about transferring data to a new computer

So I got my Stusser Beast Jr. system (see elsewhere) and am setting it up. However, I’ve run into a snag.

In the past I’ve generally just shoved the old computer harddrive into the new machine as a temporary slave and planned to do that here. Unfortunately, it seems some things have changed a bit in the last few years. My new computer doesn’t have a compatible power supply plug. My roommate claims an adaptor exists so I may go looking for that tomorrow.

If that doesn’t work out, what are my options? It appears there is some sort of transfer cable I can get but it looks rather pricey and I’m not sure what all I can transfer that way. On top of wanting to transfer document files, music, photos, etc., I’d also like to transfer the date from a number of digital download acquired games. My internet connection is slow enough that downloading gigs and gigs worth of games will be annoying.

Any ideas or experiences?

Edit: I should also add that my old PC doesn’t have a burner. There are options that way, but I’d prefer to find another way.

Just get an adapter like this and hook your old drive up to the new PC via USB.

I usually just do one big network copy…

Thanks mono! I didn’t realize something like that existed. Looks like the best solution.

I’m on a wireless network but don’t have the hardware to hook both PC’s up at once that way. My roommate suggested getting USB to USB cable to transfer, but I’m concerned about the transfer speed.

The adaptor mono suggested works great, but now I’m running into the problem of most games not working in their new location. I have no problem reinstalling games I have disk versions of, but the digital download games are a different matter since I don’t want to have to download them again. Anyone have any general pointers on how to get them to work in their new home?


It depends upon the service you’ve used. If you purchased games via Steam, simply copy over the Steam folder, delete the clientregistry.blob file and then run the steam executable in that folder. You don’t need to reinstall Steam, it will just rebuild the blob file, and you’ll have all the games ready to go.

With D2D and EA Games downloads, you should have the game installers in their respective folders. EA Games’ install files default to the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EADM\cache{ somerandomnumber }. If you reinstall the EA download manager, just point it to the same path as your EADM folder and it should recognize all your downloaded install files.

D2D… don’t you just save the game installer when you buy the game? You should just find where you saved it, and reinstall.

I’m trying Steam your way after it failed to work based on what I could find in Steam’s support boards.

My other programs aren’t D2D or EA. I have a Gamersgate, a Stardock, a few Matrix games, and a couple other direct purchase titles. Just copying them over and creating a shortcut isn’t working for anything, so I was hoping there was a simpler general idea rather than going to each individual company to look for what they say.

Edit: I’ve gotten two minors to work so far.

Edit again: I’m getting errors when I try and run the steam app after transfer. Some crap about not having write authorization. Stupid Vista.

Update: Finally got Steam working right. I followed your advice until the above problem. Then I downloaded the Steam install and ran it and when it fiinished it recognized the stuff on my hard drive. Finally.