Quick Alpha Centauri question

I’m reinstalling the Planetary Pack. Question is…

The version of SMAC in the PP is 3.0. Do I have to install the 4.0 patch BEFORE using the XP compatibilty patch, or is 4.0 included in the XP patch?
Thanks :).

I can never remember what order to install the patches–I have like three of them and they need to be installed in a certain order to work. Well, okay, not entirely true, but the expansion pack added a copy-protection CD check that one of the patches re-removed.

  • Alan
  1. Install the planetary pack, which comes already at 4.0 if you install Alien Crossfire
  2. Instal the Alien Crossfire 2.0 patch
  3. then fix the necessary settings (driectDraw=1 and Forceoldvoxelalgorithm=1)
  4. then install the no-cd cracks/ XP patches in any order


What is the Planetary Pack?

The Planetary Pack was the Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire bundle, all on a single CD. It’s still available, most recently as part of EA’s “Laptop Collection”.

Oh. I was hoping it was something cool for AC I didn’t have. I should really reinstall that bad boy… Just have to find that site that told me how to do it on XP.