Quick laptop question/purchase decision help wanted.


Hey all, I need a new laptop/notebook for work only. That work is mostly going to be spreadsheets, word processing, online work within google docs,etc. In other words…not gaming at all.

I’m looking at what appear to be two models of the same laptop, sold by different stores. Both have 12gb of RAM, same storage size/speed, same resolution, same weight.

The biggest difference: one has an i5-8250u CPU. The other has an i5-7200u CPU. The 8250 costs $200 more than the 7200.

I’d really rather not pay that extra $200, especially if I don’t need it for the work-related stuff I’ll be doing. There’s no graphic rendering or anything else that I’ll need it for. Strictly office-style stuff.

Will the 7200 suffice? Or is there such a huge difference between the two that I should just grin and bear it and fork over the extra $$ for the 8250?

Thanks in advance foor any guidance here!


The i5 is a 4 core/8 thread CPU, while the i7 has 2 cores/4 threads. The extra cores won’t make any difference in office stuff.


So…sounds like I can easily get all the computing power I need from the 7200. Great. Appreciate the help!


Yeah the cheaper one is fine.


I do a lot more stuff than you with a lot slower CPU. You’ll be just great with that cheaper one.


That’s good to know, arrendek. Thanks!


So this is the laptop I ended up going with today:


Pretty much perfect for what I’ll use it for. Even the magnetic storage drive works best. While I know an SSD would be faster, for clients I typically have to record sessions with Snag-it as mp4’s, and while we’re in the editing and finishing process on those prior to delivery, it’s not uncommon for me to have 150-200 gigs of video alone stored on my computer after a busy week. So the 7200 rpm drive is a good compromise.

For the features and a 1920x1080 resolution screen, it’s a damned good deal. Best Buy has its big brother with the 8250u CPU for $649 at the moment.