Quick! Need the XBox 360 resupply link

I remember a link floating around that showed where supplies of the 360 were. I’m looking for retail, not online.

Tonight’s mission is to get one, trying to avoid wasted time and a million phone calls.

http://bensbargains.net/xbox360/xbox360.php was posted in the “tracker” thread. Looks bad.

There’s this thing

Don’t know much about it, use at your own risk (as with any code written from untrusted sources) The guy behind it seems to post on the IGN 360 board.

Bunch of guys at work found 360s this week using untitlednet.com.

Thanks for the links guys. Knew I could reply on you. Found a core system at a local Walmart. By the time I got there though, it was sold. Do’h!

Oh well, I wanted a Premium anyway.

(In Snake’s voice): She takes Premium dude! Premium! . . . Dude!

I can vouch for this utility. It’s the reason I got my system this past Wendesday. By the time I got to the Best Buy it was 30 minutes after opening (got the page at 10am) and 9 out of the 14 were already sold to employees.

At least I can vouch for the effectiveness of the utility. It didn’t trigger any spam/keyogger/adware detectors on my system but I still uninstalled it once I got the Xbox.

Interesting tracker thingie, though also kind of sad. Why are people still so desperate to get their hands on 360s? I could understand the hype early on, but since there are no must games, I don’t get the continuing obsession with giving Microsoft $400 to play a racing game, a WWII shooter, and Joust.

Anyhow, I actually saw three of them in the Ogdensburg, NY Wal-Mart just last night. One premium and two core. Most I’ve ever seen on the shelf like that. Of course, this is deep in the wilds of upstate NY, about an hour south of Ottawa, so I don’t imagine this helps anyone here.

I heard they have quite a few in Japan

Wait, what’s upstate NY? ;)

Everything past Yonkers. :)

That seems to be what anybody south of Albany thinks. So, this is actually more like Outer Mongolia.

Because if you’re going to buy it before the price drop, you might as well enjoy it as long as possible. I still haven’t bought a game yet, waiting for GameFly to scratch that itch. Despite that, it’s still the most popular system in the house with the rest of my family, they’re all loving the Arcade games.