Quick Oscar question

Does anyone seriously think ROTK is going to get pipped for the big prize tonight? If LOTR doesn’t win it, then what does?

Anyone want to throw out a few shock predictions while there’s still a few hours left?

Gigli wins it all.


Everything I’ve read(the previous awards and critics choices that they gauge poibbles on) says the signs point to ROTK doing very well, but I guess I won’t believe it untill I see it.

Every “expert” seems to think ROTK is a lock for Director and Picture. I hope not, I love to see upsets at the Oscars.

It’d be fun to see all those geeks wailing and gnashing their teeth, I must admit.

Mystic River had a ton of really good performances, so I would pick it as the underdog alternative to ROTK.

IMO, Triplets of Bellville was probably the best movie of the year as far as I’m concerned. Of course, it’s not surprising that it didn’t get a Best Picture nomination, but how in the hell did it not win Best Animated Feature?

…you were saying?

ps. hooray!

What a boring predicable night.

I would’ve liked to see “Girl with a Pearl Earring” get art direction

What a boring predicable night.

My thoughts exactly. There were some good jokes in there (Williams, Wilson/Stiller and Ferrell/Black were all great bits) and Crystal did a fine job… BUT… there were absolutely no upsets at all and after awhile it became the LoTR show (not that there is anything wrong with that)

I would have liked to have seen Murray get best actor. Just sayin’.

Quite the sweep for Lord of the Rings, though. Funny comment of the evening: the producer of the Barbarian Invasion, upon accepting her Oscar, says “I’m thankful that the Lord of the Rings was not eligible to win this category.”


I guess the chipmunk won Best Supporting Actress??

I actually did finally see Cold Mountain last night, pretty good, but it was weird casting an English guy and Aussie gal as lovestruck Sourtherners…

I was rooting for Billy Murray, too. Dang. (Though I like Sean Penn a lot.) I loved LiT and can’t imagine Murray ever getting a better role.

Glad about the LOTR sweep, though. “Boring” wins maybe–but well deserved, imho, o’ course. Except for best song–which should have gone to either Kiss at the End of the Rainbow or the Triplets of Belleville song…

I suspect that Murray senses this also, which is why he seemed to look particularly pissed when Sean Penn’s name was read out. Was it just me, or did he look grumpy? I think he really wanted to win…

By the way, I really hope they make a sequel to LiT called Completely Lost in Translation, if only for the sake of the acronym.

Murray looked particularly unhappy in his chair whenever he was shown - was pretty funny when referring to Coppola in his monologue though.

Nice sweep for LOTR/ROTK. I was unhappy that Master & Commander didn’t get sound over ROTK though - because M&C’s sound is particularly awesome.

— Alan

Or either or those Cold Mountain songs. I mean, the LotR song was okay, but it was kind of a throwaway piece (wasn’t it the music they ran over the credits?), and pretty much everything it was up against was better. I didn’t really understand that award. I was also a little skeptical of the “Best Editing” award. I mean, the movie was three and a half hours long, and a half an hour longer than it was supposed to be. It deserves many kudos, but probably not for editing.

But I was pleased with the sweep as well.

I’m not really sure why Bill Murray rolled his eyes when they were announcing him for Best Actor. I must say that after that, I wasn’t too disappointed that he didn’t win–he looked like he didn’t want to be the there at all and that kind of sucked.

I think that Annie Lennox song was amazing. The Triplets of Belleville song was cool, I’ve been listening to it for the past few days, but Annie Lennox has a great voice and that song was the most moving for me out of the five.

ps. The greatest thing in the world is Sting and Phil Collins together at once. rawr.

I thought LotR really won for all three movies. I think the Academy voters were hesitant to vote for it previously because there was always another installment coming out later that year.

I too thought the Best Song was lame. I wasn’t crazy about the Cold Mountain stuff, but Kiss… and the Belleview song were clearly better, Annie Lennox’s beautiful voice notwithstanding.

And what’s up with Peter Jackson? The guy makes three movies that do a billion dollars in business and he can’t afford a suit that fits?

While the song itself does run over the final credits, it uses the Gray Havens theme which was used at several other moments within the film. I think that the final scene at the Gray Havens would have been more powerful had the song been tracked over it.

I don’t think its throwaway either- the lyrics were inspired by the death of a teenager that Fran Walsh was close to. It was the teenager and his family that Fran referenced in her few seconds after Annie Lennox’s speech.

Personally, I think Into the West is a beautiful song and was very happy it won. My wife, who doesn’t share my LOTR bias, liked it the most based off of the performances during the ceremony.

Actually, 1.5 hours longer than it was supposed to be. PJ was contractually obligated to deliver all three movies at 120 minutes apiece. New Line gave him a bit of leeway :)

The fact that LOTR got wins in the categories it was arguably weakest in (Best Editing and Adapted Screenplay) was the real indication of the huge support it was being shown. Both of these categories would normally be likely places to reward worthy films that didn’t make the final cut for the major awards (City of God for editing and American Splendor for adapted screenplay).

With FOTR’s Oscar win for Cinematograpy (ROTK was not nominated in this category) and TTT’s Oscar for Sound Editing (ROTK again not nominated), the LOTR films have one every Oscar they were eligible for with the exception of the acting noms.