Quick Q: Insect Based RTS

Has any one ever made an insect based RTS?

As a kid, I always use to imagine what would happen if the ants got pissed off the with the bees, and all the mayhem that would ensue. Or if the badgers waged war against the dogs, and wether or not the falcons would help the badgers by dropping apples on the dogs, and so on…

Has anyone never thought to do this, even in the RTS’s Clone-o-matic hayday?


There was a fairly lousy game called “Bug Wars” or something like that. You got certain insects assigned to you for each mission, each with their own abilities (like the wasp could fly and sting, the cockroach was tough and immune to environmental damage, etc.). The mission areas were like parts of houses, like a messy kitchen table. IIRC it was single-player only and the missions weren’t really a campaign, just a series of different challenges. It was sort of a puzzley real-time strategy game, like a Commandos sort of thing, rather than a traditional RTS where you place buildings and build armies of units.

Battle Bugs.

I only remember Sim Ant as far as insect RTS’s would go

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Cheers guys.

I remember Sim Ant. I was thinking more along the lines of “C&C with wasps” though :) haha

edit: OH! And of course “Ants” on MSN zone :)

Impossible creatures had an official mod called insect invasion. I never got to try it out because I lent the game to my sister and have never cared enough to ask for it back.

IIRC, there was a mediocre RTS in the last few years about ants. It was called Kingdom of the Ants or Lord of the Ants or Revenge of the Ants or something. I looked up “Ants” on Gamespot and got flooded with SpongeBob Squarepants and Giants: Citizen Kabuto results, so couldn’t find it . BUT IT EXISTS!

Edit: Found it through the magic of Google.

Empire of the Ants

Did you know that you can search a specific site on Google by putting site:url after the search term? I found this by searching for “ants site:www.gamespot.com”.

Beat me to it, Orpheo. I have that game. Never spent enough time of it to really figure it out, but it didn’t seem really too bad.

I believe Impossible Creatures had a free insect expansion or something available via download.

Impossible Creatures was a interesting an innovative game, though I certainly wouldn’t place it among the best out there…

Above average…just :)

i’m gonna download the demo

It’s Battle Bugs. I can’t believe you forgot that! BTW, while rearranging my computer stuff the other day, I found the discs for that game, which I borrowed from you many years ago. So, er… do you want them back?