Quick QT3 X360 population poll

Interested to get a quick snapshot of how things currently stand…

Got one during Walmart’s short online window in mid-November. So far I’ve logged more time playing Xbox games on it than 360 games. Though, to be fair, I’m limited in my 360 selection since I have several titles on my Christmas list.

Where’s the “I intend to get one way down the line” option? I know there will be (enough) games that will interest me eventually, but with all the, well, “retarded-ness” surrounding the machine currently, and with so many other good games out/coming out for available systems, obtaining one ‘as soon as possible’ or even within a few months (which could be the same thing) isn’t all that attractive to me.

I’ll wait and see until the region lock on games can be easily circumvented. Although I’m a bit tempted to get one as purely as a media center, I figure an old, modded Xbox will be just as good for a fraction of the price.

Had one, but sold it on ebay. Intend to get another when they become generally available.

He’s a witch! Burn him! Heh.

I’ll get one when some more good games come out. Oh, and when it’s actually available. Probably around Feb/March. As has been said before, I think the selling point for most people to buy a console (including me) is seeing 3 good games I am interested in available.

I could almost do it now with Call of Duty 2 and Condemed. But Condemed feels more like a rental right now, so I’ll wait for The Company and Oblivion.

An option wasn’t included for me: “Want a 360 but can’t afford one, maybe next year?”

As I have been saying I’ll be getting one sometime in Jan. but it might be even later then that at this point. There isnt much that is calling me other then it being the new hotness.

I’ll see what kind of games are out in two years… I just got my PS2 in July, so I’m working through a backlog of cheap games. :D

I gotta say, the thing is all kinds of hotness. My neighbor brought over a launch team for a party. I queued up some music from my mp3 player, he tossed a thumbdrive over and had pics of his vacation going on in the background. Slick as hell. At at cracked out o thirty when there’s people passed out in the living room, the controllable vis is all kinds of fun.

That’s the option I needed. I voted, “Not going to get one”, but I’m sure I’ll get one sooner or later. Probably not for at least a year though.

Isn’t “No, but I intend to get one.” exactly the option you guys want?!


It is, but it doesn’t qualify between “I’ll get it eventually, when some games I want come out” and “I’m camped outside Best Buy right now and I call Walmart every 5 minutes!”

So? That’s the option for people that are going to get a 360 but not today.

Reading comprehension is good. Why does everyone read between the lines all the time?


Because that’s where the lawyers and statisticians keep/determine the fine print.

Fuckers need to chill out, seriously.

I think there should’ve been an option for “I just thought I’d drop by to complain about the poll choices”. :)

There should also be an option for “I have no interest in the 360, but I like to shit up threads I’m not otherwise interested in.”

The “Shit, boners!!!1” option usually fills in for that.

I waited in line for a PS2 way back when. I would like to wait for the PS3 and it seems my financial situation is going to accomodate me as I have approx. -$40,000 right now. That is, unless Santa really does show up this year with what I want.

Speaking of the price of the XBox360, I recently read that the Atari 800 was $999 when it was released. In 1979 dollars. That’s like a cool million today. Ouch.

No wonder why we had the VCS instead.