Quick question about adobe reader

I just updated acrobat up, and now it seems to put AcroRd32.exe in my task manager even if I’m not using it. Is there a way to disable it?

yeah, regedit. search for acrord32.exe and stop when you get to user>software>microsoft>windows>currentversion>run>acrord32.exe

and then remove it!

That won’t cause any problems with my computer right?

Nope, it’ll just cause it to stop loading on boot. For bonus points you can even save that directory of your registry as a “favorite” for quick navigations in the future.

Edit: Note that it could be in the LOCAL_MACHINE folder or in the CURRENTUSER folder.

I went to registry editor, searched for it and deleted it, but it still showing up.

Should I delete the one at C:\Programs ?

You have to clear it out of the registry and then reboot… if it’s not there or in your start menu, nuke the site from orbit.

You can also go to run > msconfig > Startup tab and uncheck it from there. Same difference.

Well I rebooted, and it’s still there, it only shows up after I go from my homepage to another site. It’s not in the msconfig either.

Well I sorta fixed it, I uninstalled acrobat. Seems that when it updated spysweeper detected that it was trying to install a browser add in. When I reinstall it I’ll just block it thru sweeper.

Any reason you aren’t using Foxit PDF? It’s magic.

I was just gonna ask this. Foxit is really great and its speedy as hell.

Don’t advise someone to use regedit who doesn’t know what they’re doing-- it can be dangerous. Just use msconfig or sysinternals autoruns (my preference) and uncheck the little box.

what is foxit?

Sorry, do you reside in communist china? Is google blocked by your despotic human rights abusing government? Guess what, my fine oppressed oriental brother, that’s no excuse because the people’s google may not much on “democracy” or “falun dong” but foxit works just fine.

Adobe Reader installs a browser plugin so that you can view PDFs inside your browser. And the autorun entry makes the reader start up faster, just like MS Office preload. That’s perfectly normal and doesn’t do anything bad. Paranoid much?