Quick question about editing the registry

I just uninstalled an analog Hauppauge TV card that was in my machine (I’m doing a trial and error approach to figuring out what the heck is causing occasional hardware interrupt storms under XP Pro–they never happen in Windows 7 on the same machine, so it’s pretty clearly a driver issue–the next candidate is the X-Fi soundcard).

Anyway, once I physically took out the card, I went into the device manager and of course it’s not listed any more, but I want to get rid of any drivers etc. DriverSweeper shows no drivers installed now, btw (what’s up with that?)

Once I’ve done an uninstall of any software programs associated with the card, is the way to edit the registry to just delete the Hauppauge key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE , then save and reboot?

José aka Papageno

Drivers are not loaded unless they are being used for hardware. You don’t need to muck around in the registry here.