Quick Question for Qt3 Alumni

While trying to find a backdoor to the Qt3 forums and bypass the “evil corporate firewall”

at work . I found a google link to this site.

http://shop.portalofevil.com/advertising/ that sells banner space , and more specifically this quote.

Quartertothree is the news/review site founded by long time game journalists Mark Asher and Tom Chick. The forums are a hangout for game journalists and developers.

I was just wondering if some of you who work or have worked in the industry could sound off as to what sites , publications, or software houses you have worked/written for and if possible provide links to some of your work.

There’s an enormous thread about everyone’s true identity and even another, much shorter, thread that attempts to summerize what’s in the longer identity thread. You can look all this information up.

Thanks, will do…

Tom and Mark have bio links connected to the front page of this site. Desslock has a longtime (now dormant) website I don’t have the url for anymore (go to google and enter: Desslock’s Gaming News). Steve & Jason Cross are with CGM, Thierry Nguyen and Jeff Green are with CGW, Denny Atkin writes for Handheld Computing (there’s more I’m forgetting…)

And then there’s Maude:
Here’s Me

Like I said to everybody at the QT3 get-together when asked by one of the dev’s at the end of the table: “What do you do?”

I simply replied: “Oh, I’m a troll.”

Still going since 1997, and hardly any kill-files yet!

Desslock’s site is desslock.gamespot.com. I know that’s a tough one to remember, Bub ;)

The giant thread with everyone’s bio is here.