Quick Wii question

Sorry for the new thread, but I need to know:

Does the Wii take standard SD SanDisk memory cards? I just bought a 1 GB Wii-branded 1 GB card for $60 not realizing it wasn’t a wii-specific card.

danm you paid 60 bucks for a 1 gig card? Ouchies.

PS yes any SD card.

Goddamn it. Ok, thanks. Luckily I didn’t open it.

I was amazed at the audacity of retailers when I saw that as well. 60 bucks for an SD card that should be about half that. That’s one expensive white sticker!

This was regular practice at the Best Buy I got my Wii at :/ I wish I was better informed and told them they didn’t need one at all. Sigh.

The next day I ordered a 2 gig card for 20 bucks from Outpost…

Next quick question.

Does the Wii work out of the box?

Having had “you just switch it on and it works!” Screamed at me by console heads for a decade when discussing the relative merits of PC/Console gaming, my expectation is that I don’t have to put the thing anywhere near my internet connection. I want it to sit under the TV and play games when I get back from the pub without having to trail CAT5 around my living room.

Yes, the Wii works right out of the box. Of course you won’t be able to download virtual console games or send Wii messages or trade Miis until you get it online, but you can play Wii/Gamecube games as much as you want without ever getting it on the Internet. Also, FWIW, the Wii doesn’t have an ethernet port. The only networking it has built-in is Wi-Fi. If you really wanted to run cat-5 for it, you’d have to buy the ethernet port adapter, which I don’t think is even available yet.

That’s just fine and dandy for me. I know I should have gone wireless years ago, but the router is about 25cm from the PC and I’ve still got a box of Cat5 somewhere so there never seemed to be any point in spending the cash.

As for the other stuff, I doubt I’ll use it enough to ever realise what a Mii is anyway. I just want something that I can get the other half to play having given up trying to get her to play anything on the PC (and the difficulty in playing something together on a single machine).

I have one dumb question. I’ve only played excite truck when you hold the Wii mote with 2 hands, but for games that require the nunchuk and mote at the same time. Does it matter which hand you have either in? Such as can you hold the wii mote in the left and the nunchuk in the right or is it only set up for the nunchuk in the left and wii mote in the right?

I play with the wiimote in my left and the nunchuk in my right. It works fine. In Wii Sports you can even set the handedness of your Mii’s.

I am left handed, and, according to some studies, more aggressive. I have yet to break anything while playing though.

My wife and I play Wii sports using opposite hands with no trouble.

One of the draws of the Wii is that it’s the first non-PC ambidextrous controller.