Quickly removing multiple contacts from iPhone

So i managed to screw up my iCloud settings and now both myself and the girlfriend have each others contacts on our iPhones. While not technically a problem, it’s mighty annoying.

Is there a way to quickly delete multiple (200+) contacts from the iPhone? I have no problem buying an app if that is needed. Doing it manually on the phone is a nightmare.

I think you can edit your address book on the web if you go to icloud.com. I’ve never tried it though.

Personally I use Google Contacts and sync to that. Works great, and my contacts will still be there if I ever switch back to Android.

In order to delete all contacts form iPhone, you have them syncing with another source (gmail, windows contacts, Yahoo, etc.) then in iTunes, select your iPhone under devices (left side), go to Info (top), deselect “Sync contacts with”.

When you do this, it will ask you to remove your contacts or not. Click on “Remove Contacts”, and then Apply (botton right).

If you don’t have your contacts sync’d, then you can either setup a temporary sync to what service you have access to and then do the above, or do them one at a time.