Quicktime crashes my firefox

When I hit a link that has quicktime like say htttp://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/beowulf/, my browser breaks. I updated my QT from apple but, shucks, quicktime still crashes my browser. More than likely a dopey post but I’m confused. Yet I am proud of my viral marketing in an albeit sad way.

I had this problem a few days ago too with another trailer, but only an apple.com trailer. Are other QT movies working fine? Apple.com uses special scripting to prevent you from dl’ing QT movies from its site. Maybe it’s the scripting that caused our crashes. Anyway, when I had the crash, I uninstalled QT and tried QT Alternative, but that wouldn’t load like a plugin properly with this trailer, (though it had last year when I used it frequently so something is up with apple changing its shit up I think).

I ended up just uninstalling QT Alternative and redownloading and reinstalling regular Quicktime.

Did you try the QT safe mode setting (QT Preferences under Advanced tab)? For a while I had to disable QuickDraw Acceleration or QT would crash any browser.