Quicktime, Firefox, Argh

Is anyone else having nonstop issues with quicktime being retarded?

I suffered with months of quicktime crashing firefox, until finally there was an update that stopped the crashing, only now, the picture randomly stops updating and only resumes if I pause/play the video. Is this just poor plugins? Or is there something that can be done to fix it?

Quicktime is a scourge on any functioning PC. Have you tried nuking quicktime from orbit then replacing it with Quicktime Alternative?

Another vote for Quicktime Alternative: it’s not infallible, but it’s way better than native Quicktime.

I always have problems with Firefox when Quicktime gets updated by Apple but I don’t update my local version.
These problems can vary from videos never loading, to separate audio/video windows, to videos with corrupted graphics (followed shortly by a Firefox crash) to total Firefox lockups. They usually go away after I update Quicktime/iTunes, though

I’d been having these a lot lately, and then I updated. Problem solved. Hella annoying, though.

I updated a week ago to fix the crashing. Doesn’t crash, but now I have the freezing picture issue.