Quietest Hard Drives?

Okay, which manufacturer makes the quietest hard drives?

I’ve got a Maxtor right now, and I’ve heard that Maxtor are amongst the noiseiest. I’m trying to make my Ideq box as quiet as possible.

The only requirement I have that it’s ATA-133 or SATA with 8MB of cache, and at least 80GB in size.

Any opinions?

Seagate Barracuda series. Quietest drives I’ve ever heard, once you use the audio utility on 'em.

seagate barracuda

edit: what acoustic utility are you talking about? there’s a way to make them even quieter?

The Seagate 7200.7’s are that bad either.

I hear the Samsungs are good.

Maxtor are loud.

But I just read silentpcreview.com for that stuff.


It’s in the files section there; it lets you trade off performance (not much) for noise (lots of benefit).