R.I.P. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

I’ve known his name all my life but never known much about him except that he gets bundled in with Mandela as a major agent for change in South Africa.

R.I.P. I shall have to read up more on his accomplishments.

If there ever was anybody destined for sainthood it’s Bishop Tutu. He was instrumental in the programme of forgiveness that allowed South Africa to transition from a horrible apartheid regime to a more equitable democracy without the awful bloodshed that was feared on both sides of the fence. That the whites weren’t massacred the day they let go of power is a modern miracle.

Interesting article regarding his chosen alternative to cremation.

The body is placed in an alkaline hydrolysis machine, comprised of an airtight chamber filled with a solution made of water and alkaline chemicals. The chamber is then heated, liquifying the body and leaving only bone behind, according to CANA’s website.

Sounds like the old process of throwing quicklime on a corpse to get it to decompose faster.

Sounds a bit more icky for whoever does the job.