R.I.P., David Warner

Aw man…

Tron, multiple Star Trek gigs, Time Bandits, a buttload of tv appearances and lots of voice work for animation shows and games.

Much sadness. He was a great villain.


He made a big impression on me as Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman: The Animated Series. That show created the definitive versions of so many characters for me, but he was near the top of that list.

He played two memorable villains that I’ve never forgotten. The evil genius in Time Bandits, and Jack the Ripper in Time after Time.

Ian Holm, Ian Richardson and David Warner at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford in September 1963.

I enjoyed his gentle, self-deprecating humor in his Random Roles interview. He was a real working actor more than anything else. He has some great stories about working with Peckinpah. I kind of loved that he remembered working as The Lobe on Freakazoid but never saw an episode of B:TAS. I wish he remembered working on Baldur’s Gate.

It’s also either him, or someone doing the best David Warner impression ever, as the voice of Jon Irenecus in Baldur’s Gate 2.

But yeah, him in Time Bandits as Evil Genius might be my favorite role he played. Though he does some fine scenery chewing in The Omen as well.

That was him. He was also in the original Fallout.

And Privateer 2: The Darkening!

Damn … RIP David. You were a fantastic villain.


Damn. :(

One of the few actors I always enjoyed watching. He was often the only highlight in a mediocre movie, but he sure knew how to make a difference.

RIP. Fantastic actor.

Was he Irenicus in Baldur’s Gate II? Or am I confusing voice actors?

RIP. What a career. He was one of those actors who was in everything: Tom Jones and Titanic, Time Bandits and Tron, Straw Dogs and Airport '79, Dr. Who and Midsomer Murders, Star Trek and Murder She Wrote, The Larry Sanders Show and Lois and Clark, Mary Poppins Returns and Penny Dreadful. Not to mention countless cartoons and videogames as a voice actor (including yes, Baldur’s Gate 2) - one of my personal faves was The Lobe on Freakazoid!

(Wait, IMDB says he was The Lobe on an episode of Teen Titans Go in 2020? Why was I not informed?)

I will not have Waxwork go unmentioned!

RIP to a Hall of Fame HITG

What a great interview. Thanks!

Also, Mick Jagger instead of Warner as Jack the Ripper in Time After Time? Wow. That would’ve been awful.

We don’t talk about Privateer 2. No no no.

Yes, he played villains quite well.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his amazing portrayal of Bob Cratchit in the 1984 version of A Christmas Carol. He’s not just the best Bob Cratchit ever, he’s also giving a landmark performance of the role and kind of re-defining it with a combination of dignity, humility, and joy. It’s an amazing acting job he does in that role, and quite a bit different from other roles he’d play in his career.

RIP Dr. Necessiter.

It’s evil, don’t touch it!

RIP Mr. Warner. Classic villain character actor.