R.I.P. Dom DeLuise


Great cooking, great comedy.

Awww, man, the bloopers of him and Burt Reynolds from every movie they did together were almost funnier than the movies. In some, though, it looked like Burt was pretty much beating the shit out of Dom, though.


He’s doing the French Mistake in heaven now…

Awww, sad to hear. We never would have had the Muppets if Dom hadn’t persuaded Kermit to go to Hollywood! RIP.

I am sad now. :(

According to Adrienne Barbeau’s autobiography, that’s exactly what Burt was doing. She mentions specifically the Cannonball Run outtakes (starting around 2:23) scenes in which an extremely drunk Burt Reynolds had belittled and beaten DeLuise so much that he broke down in tears from embarrassment and possibly pain. You can see this in the video (Dom’s back is to the camera) as he bends over and leaves the frame to the left. After a period of recomposing himself he put on the hood and cape and came back for the next take doing the Captain America gag.

His reaction is the reason for Burt’s subsequent hug and, if you watch her to the right, Barbeau is very clearly not pleased with the situation.

But my first Dom DeLuise experience was Jeremy. (~1:40)

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Treasure bath!!

Yeah, my fiancee posted a video of Jeremy too. Maybe we’ll watch it tonight for him.

Pizza the Hutt!