R.I.P. Johnny Hart (the guy who drew B.C.)


Regardless of how unfunny I found his stuff, the guy was certainly a staple of the Sunday comics. He’d been doing it since 1958 and he died at his drawing table.

I guess this is one tactic for getting the old school comics out of the papers, though they’ll probably just syndicate it for the next hundred years.


I actually used to find BC funny on occasion, but that was back when I was much younger, and long before Hart started inserting religious references that were either oblique or just plain baffling.

Oh, and Grog’s Revenge on the Commodore 64 was fun for a few hours!

I thought BC was pretty funny 20 years ago or more.

I was looking at today’s strip and thinking just how brutally preachy and unfunny it had become.

Hope for his sake he was right about the Jesus.

He was the last of the post WWII comic strip writers, wasn’t he?

No, I think their numbers are holding steady at 100%.


There was one good B.C. strip, in which Wiley is writing a poem that goes

Freckle, freckle, on my nose,
I know not why 'twas me you chose,
Nor who you are, nor where you’re from,
So I will kill you with my thumb.

But clearly it should have been “pimple” rather than “freckle”…Well, so much for B.C.

Bah… the decade after WWII there were about 30 major comic strips launched and they were all grouped as “post WWII.” Those that came later like Garfield and Cathy were termed something else.

Just for the record “Quest for Tires” was one of my earliest disappointing game experiences.

I liked Quest for Tires.

That was a time when games claimed to have cartoon-quality graphics, but really didn’t. Now, saying a game has cartoon-quality graphics would probably be considered a slur…

Depends on the version. The Colecovision and MSX versions of Quest for Tires were brutal. The timing to make the jumps was to far off. The C64 version was better and more fun.

Phil, you could say they didn’t have cartoon quailty graphics but honestly when playing this or the Smurfs back in the 80s, my parents would make the mistake to think I was watching TV. Before then we were lucky to get 2 color stick figures.

I think I played the C-64 version of Quest for Tires.

And you’re right that the Colecovision Smurfs title was considered incredible for it’s time.

Hard to believe that that title was one of the showpieces for the Colecovision. :) I was old enough to know that the Smurfs were totally uncool, but I loved the graphics of that title, and it was sort of a forerunner of Super Mario Brothers - setting the stage for side-scrolling platformers with some innovative gameplay.

But I didn’t own a Colecovision at the time, so my playtime was limited, regardless.

That’s it. You’re going on the list.


Hope for his sake he was right about the Jesus.

Hope for my sake he was wrong!

I loved Quest for Tires – it was one of the first C64 games my family got and I played the hell out of it. Graphics seemed amazing at the time. Grog’s Revenge didn’t do so much for me, I must confess.

I think this covers it nicely:

Well, the fact it stopped being remotely funny doesn’t make it any more of a comic strip, either.

BTW, what ever happened to Shoe? In the pre-Bloom County era, Shoe was about the best out there.

I haven’t seen it in years, but never heard of it officially ending.

Edit: And I never said it, but R.I.P., Johnny Hart. When I was a kid, I really enjoyed B.C., and even in more recent times, I read and enjoyed it occasionally.

Thank you sir, for the hearty laugh.

I know the creator died, looking up on Wikipeda Jeff MacNelly died at the age of 51 of cancer.