R.I.P. Rage Software

From www.avault.com :

R.I.P. Rage Software

Reported by: David Laprad

The software company that makes the David Beckham Soccer game has collapsed - leading to the loss of 77 jobs. BBC News reports that receivers have been appointed by computer game firm Rage Software - ending hopes that a rescue package could be put together. The Liverpool-based firm is now likely to be broken up and any new games it’s working on sold off. The future of the remaining 85 staff will depend on the sale of either individual design facilities or the intellectual property rights of the games currently in development. The company’s upcoming titles include exclusive licenses with Lamborghini and Andy McNab as well as a follow-up to the successful Rocky game.

I am not sure but didn’t Rage Software buyout one of the developers that used to work on simulation products ?

Sorta. The folks who were the brains of DID left DID after Infogrames snatch it up. They went to Rage to make Typhoon, which was EF2000-lite, better suited to the console crowd and a huge disappointment to folks who loved the original EF2000 and the F-22 ADF and F-22 TAW games.

The most ridiculous part of Typhoon wasn’t the arcade-like flight model, or the arcade-like instrumentation and weapons. It was the game’s End Boss, a gigantic Soviet airplane/starship that required you to unload missile after missile into it.

The graphics on Typhoon were pretty good, though. Too bad the game didn’t match.

The above is pretty much correct, except for one detail – Martin Kenwright, the heart and soul of DiD, did not go over to Rage when DiD broke up. This makes it easy to speculate on why Typhoon sucked like it did.