R.I.P. Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack 1934-2008

Sad news. What a great director, producer, and actor he was. I’m really gonna miss his work behind and in front of the camera.

He was still on top of his game -and looking fantastic for his age- in Michael Clayton. A real loss.

True. I never even knew he was sick.

He was so great in Eyes Wide Shut.

This is pretty shocking.

My favorite of his performances would probably be Husbands and Wives.

Aw, man, no way. That sucks even worse than the Indiana Jones movie being so bad. :(


I’ll be damned. I just watched Tootsie this week, too.


He was hands down one of the best.

And Uwe Boll lives on.

Fate has a frakked up sense of humor.

That totally sucks. He was awesome.

It’s King Lear. Shakespeare never wrote about a King Leo!

Rest, mate.

True that. That’s crazy because I just worked with him like 4 months ago

Ah man, that just ruined my night. What a shame. RIP.

This. What a shocker out of the blue. Totally unexpected to me as well.

Maybe Boll’s film serve a purpose, and help us treasure good movies.

Very sad news, loved the man on screen and some of his films.

Well shit. Ya know, he quickly went from that director who acts to an actor in his own right. I guess I first saw him in The Player as an actor. Agreed about his great performance in Michael Clayton.

Fuck Cancer.

I was surprised in that I instantly know his face/name, but couldn’t name a single actual role he’d played. Glancing over his IMDB entries, he’s clearly done a lot of good work (don’t know how much work “producing” is but hey).

Haven’t seen Indy yet, but presume he now resembles the lego Indy that I’m seeing turn up on ads lately. Hard to suck more than the second movie, despite the fact that my dad took the whole family to see it on a whim after we’d eaten dinner out one night (timing was almost too perfect, it almost felt planned).

So I acknowledge this Sidney dude, but can’t really name any specific roles or movies he contributed to. I hated husbands and wives, and don’t plan on re-watching eyes wide shut for quite some time. Sorry, I didn’t start out meaning to threadcrap–like I said, for someone who’s work I’m not super familiar with, I find it strange how instantly I recognized his face and his name…