R-TYPE command demo


hex-based tbs with a space fleet for psp. you have ships and fighter squads killing each other. different weapons and in you can do in-battle resupply, from a resupply ship or landing back on a transport. i just played the tutorial so far. sort of like if you took homeworld’s combat and tried to make it hex based.

i’m not too enthused about it, but i do want to play some more tomorrow.

What’s the relationship to R-Type, did they just throw a name on top?
(I don’t have a PSP.)

it’s R-type except you play the alien invader :)

there’s some sort of story about how the aliens are invading and the humans split into two factions, one of which wants to stay and fight for earth and the other wants to form a rtff and abandon the solar system and settle someplace else. meanwhile, one fleet commander has orders to search for the aliens homeworld. i never even heard of r-type before this game.

So you go up against ships that can charge up their weapons onto a super shot and blitz you to kingdom come?

And you call yourself a gamer.

Tsk, tsk.

R-Type was the best damn sideways scrolling shooter ever released in the 80’s.

What about Life Force or Armalyte?

Was I in some way unclear?

No sir! You were very clear, sir! With your permission, sir! I’ll turn around to whimper now, sir!

U.N. Squadron came out in 89 and IMO is a way better game than the R-Types.


Need I say more?

UN Squadron obviously takes the trophy.

You’re kidding right?

Is the only version of R-Type that you ever played Super R-Type? I mean that’s the only way I could explain you people saying these things.

Obviously they are just trying to wind me up. There can be no other rational explanation.

To tell the truth, I prefer rotateable weapon selection over picking up some powerup at some point (sometimes without even wanting to but reality on screen forces you to as to avoid enemies/their fire/scenary blockades) and get stuck with that weapon until the next power up and the same for picking up PowerUps that charge your weapon and “enhance” it ala MegaMan, sometimes for the worst (ElectroMan, sweet trance theme though).
Tyrian is still the best I’ve ever seen. It had it all and catered to both.

How come no one makes an “uber shooter” again?
What with the cell market and the XBL “arcade” market that just rehash same ancient games – supposedly people make money over repeating remakes of ancient DOS games there, so how come no one creates a large mega shooter?
No wait, I know, ideaology for those markets is to make cheap, short, half quality games that cost very little and make a lot of money if they sell off.

Sigh, I rant again.

I think my head just exploded.

You’re acting like UN Squadron is a bad game or something. I also preferred Life Force over R-Type in the arcade. Also I just noticed Forgotten Worlds came out in '88 so there’s that too, but it’s almost its own thing. Although the R-Types are good, it always seems like there’s something better out at around the same time, like Gradius V being better than R-Type Final.

I don’t think anyone would call UN Squadron crap. It’s not even the better that really surprised people, I think we could have been okay if he was just saying it was better. However, he said way better, and I think this confused and scared most of us. This guy is on the same Internet as me, as you, as your children. He thinks UN Squadron is way better than R-Type, and who knows what he could do next?

I really dislike R-Type (disclaimer: I never played Delta, which is supposed to be the best in the series). They’re so stiff, and methodical and memorisation-based. Though I guess that does make it a good candidate for a strat game spinoff. The graphic style is great though.
Gradius series is way better, except Gradius III which was pretty stupidly hard and unfun. Parodius is awesome too.

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure I follow you - don’t understand what you mean by uber-shooter - but ‘they’ do make shooters. Tons of them. A lot of them are irritating bullet hell games, but people still produce new, original shoot em ups - many of which could be described as ‘uber’, and most of which are free to download.