Rabbids Go Home

I had a chance to watch someone play this on the Wii the other week. It looked really fun. I would be interested in playing it except it is one of those stupid Wii games that require too fully functioning hands to play. Since this game came and went last year I doubt this but has anyone heard if Rabbids Go Home is being ported to the Xbox?

I’d be very surprised if this came out on the Xbox – this year’s iteration of the franchise (“Rabbids Travel in Time” IIRC) is also Wii only.

My 9 yr old loved Rabbids Go Home, and I watched him play through some of the final levels and the story actually kind of moved him a bit, which I wasn’t expecting at all from a Rabbids game…

I’m pretty sure that Raving Rabbids is a Nintendo exclusive franchise.

Nothing that isn’t developed by Nintendo is a guaranteed exclusive.

The first one came out on 360, not sure about the later ones though.