"Race realism"? It's toxic racist crap. Let's discuss why.


It implies that the demographics would not be skewed naturally as a result of peoples’ free choices and preferences.

The daft (but unexamined) premise that’s at the core of regressive Left ideology is that people are equal in their talents and abilities and that therefore whenever you find an imbalance of result, reward or representation, it must necessarily be the result of “oppression” or “systemic” factors.

You don’t have to look and see whether that’s actually the case, whether there has actually been any unequal treatment or oppression, the imbalance alone is enough of a sign that oppression is in effect, so you have to mobilize, and anyone who disagrees must necessarily be evil.

The idea that men, women, various ethnicities, etc., etc., just have different preferences, abilities, talents, etc., and that those would show up even if all actual treatment of human beings by other human beings were perfectly equitable, simply does not compute.

The position is fundamentally quasi-religious, with an abstract kind of equality given an unquestioned, almost transcendental value.

Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one
Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one

That’s nice, dear.


Oh great, we have a eugenics preacher in the Captain Marvel topic.



Yeah, those damned Social Justice Warriors, amirite?


Person A: writes a post implicitly recommending we accept the results of peoples uncoerced choices.

Person B: That’s eugenics!


You’re trying to get people to agree that groups have limitations they don’t, due to a false idea of genetics. It’s bullshit, and if you knew anything about the disgusting path you’re walking, you’d know that is exactly what was behind that horrific and immoral movement.


But isn’t it obvious that men would inherently be better at reviewing movies?

Oh wait no, that doesn’t make any sense at all.


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I rest my case.


LOL. Okay, buddy. Thanks for letting us know.


I admit, I’ve never heard of the term “race realism” until today, and I’m terrified to look it up.


So you’re saying Larson is wrong and that dudes have an inherent greater capability to critique movies than women? Because that’s what it sounds like you’re saying and why you’re throwing a little eugenics hissy fit in this thread, and that is straight up crazy.


It’s just racism.


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No, they’re more interested in it, more drawn to it. The general argument against the regressive Left is that equality is bunk because people have a) different capabilites, and/or b) different preferences. In the case of movies, or nerd domains like games, comics, etc. specifically, the operative factor is preference. Obviously there are exceptions (and in absolute terms lots of them), but relatively speaking, women are less interested in counterfactuals, analysis and flights of fancy, more interested in personal interaction and day-to-day reality.

For example, in Sweden, where probably more has been done to make societal relations between the sexes as equitable as they can possibly be, the gender weighting between caring professions and STEM fields is more exaggerated than in less overtly equitable societies. (IOW, you have the apparently counter-intuitive result that in developing countries, women are more interested in STEM fields, because that’s where the money is, and they need money; but when basic survival isn’t such a pressing concern and life is relatively easy, women tend more towards the caring professions and men more towards STEM.)


Well, if nothing else I appreciate your willingness to step out on that limb and tell us directly that you’re an asshole. Bravo, I guess.


Please set the Jordan Peterson book down and back away from the table. A disposal crew will be by shortly to safely remove the book. Do not attempt to look at or touch the book before they arrive.


“Counter factual, analysis, and flights of fancy”

Lol… based off 21st century SFF literature, that’s an area women excel in. But hey, based off of guru’s posts it looks like Men are leading the race in bulk stupidity so… yay team?


Can we get some sources in here on Brie Larson’s abject sexism and hatred of white guys please? It’s hard to weigh my feelings about Captain Marvel unless I know what we’re arguing about. And if we’ve got any proof of her sleeping with gaming journalists in exchange for positive coverage of her work I’ll take those too.