"Race realism"? It's toxic racist crap. Let's discuss why.


Sure; but if you want to sell me on that defense, you’re going to have to shoot at more targets. I think you’ll find Islam has no more bad ideas than do many other religions, and singling it out with that sort of comment is, well, bad.


Yeah, I’m so glad this thread keeps existing. It’s such a beacon of positivity.


Islamic fundamentalism is a regression, one that has been generally spurred on (If not actively sponsored) by western powers.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt among others were relatively liberal, secular countries 60-70 years ago. E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZIqdrFeFBk


I know.


Secular islamic countries.


Can scientists resist misusing culturally freighted terms like “race” (even if they put them in scare quotes) like your friend did in his op-ed? If not, then maybe yes. At least if it’s religion it doesn’t come with the imprimatur of “science”.


Yes. I am aggressive. It’s part survival; it’s part of refusing to accept the limitations others tried to place on me; its’ part of whom I am. There is someone else who posted about their experience here, some sound similar, and you know what, they chose a calmer approach here. That’s great. That doesn’t make one method better than the other. It’s just a difference.

There are people here who will post a series of gifs really rude ones whole pages, nothing, hell when gman was here, I got so much fucking flack for that, but not only did I not post page after page after page of gifs and nonsense, I wasn’t even fucking here when he was banned, and I still get people blaming me for that. There’s a topic where one person will post 10-20 posts in a row often with a series of insults in them and nope, not a random snipe from anyone about behavior. We have another poster, he’ll post a link, nothing else, no discussion, nothing at all, just a link to some random alternative fact site and how many times does an admin show up and tell him to start participating in good faith…?

I’m constantly being accused that I don’t read posts here, but I read a lot, hell some of these are topics above I don’t even post in, but I am clearly reading

And to this day, people will talk to me about QT3, lecture at me about the community like I haven’t been here for 8 years.


It’s a blurry line between being a victim and playing the victim.


You think I am faking that racism makes me angry and is a emotional hurtful experience, and the reason I am questioning why my aggressive way of approaching some topics is seen as so horrific when there are clear examples of other aggressive approaches that don’t seem to trigger the same backlash?


Of course I don’t think that!

But there’s a time for aggression and a time for… easing up and accepting who runs the board and how they run it. Your point is clear.


One method is definitely better than the other. There’s no give and take with you. You complain endlessly, and most people try to be kind and respectful to you but you don’t seem to care.


I get the frustration, but c’mon, be fair. She doesn’t “complain endlessly.” But I wish she would have more patience and understanding for Tom and Tfrog.


It’s interesting how offended people are getting regarding Belsarius’ conversation of Islam given what summer of those same people have said about Christianity, and cousins themselves, in this forum.

It seems like saying Islam is a collection of bad ideas is not something which is intently bigoted, and may simply constitute an opinion regarding a religion.


There’s a school of thought that suggests it’s also super disrespectful to say to a marginalized person, “Sure you’re marginalized, but if you’d just act nicer, people would be more willing to listen to you.”

There. That’s my contribution to the thread. Carry on.


Sure, but have you met many groups of the same religion who believe the same things? There’s groups of Christians who promote and kill homosexuals, there’s a group of Jews who believes genocide is righteous, and there are groups of Free Market believers who support bombing people in its name.
Meanwhile, most of the people fighting ISIS were other Muslims, so, it’s complicated. The few Muslims I met were just people who happened to believe in a different fairy in the sky than the one I usually make fun of.

Are you sure this is the best time to make that argument?


It’s been a full day+ and this thread is still live. And somehow half the recent debate is about one anti-racist member’s “communications style”. What the f is wrong with Quarter To Three.


I feel that this thread needs to be nuked from orbit at this point.


Oof. I’m sorry if that offended. I’m genuinely trying to calm flaring tempers. I’m worried she might be feeling hurt or unwelcome. I’m also considering the mods’ feelings on the subject. I don’t mean to lecture or be self-righteous or anything like that.

Also, we have multiple “anti-racist members.”


No. We’re both alive. That doesn’t make one better than the other; it just means it was successful.

It’s not that I don’t care; I often don’t either see it, or I don’t trust it. You’d have to get to know me in order to understand that though. A few have, not many.

It doesn’t feel like it was. It felt like, like Gman 2.0, like the crack that was created just got a partner, not a filling, not repair, just like junior version.

I felt like I had to. Like it was my responsibility when I woke up and this damn thread was turned on to tracking, or watching, or whatever it is when you get alerts for everypost when it split, so I had all these posts in my inbox, like it was my forced role to say this doesn’t seem okay, how can this be okay here?


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