"Race realism"? It's toxic racist crap. Let's discuss why.


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Yessssss, I knew it! I should have started the pool like I thought to myself I should.


Every statement in this quote is false. Realistically.

I’m not going to break it down b/c you ignored my earlier breakdown completely. But you are wrong in pretty much every way.


This is straight up Eugenics, and the rest of the forum shunning you for believing it is not groupthink or pseudo religious. We are individually repulsed that this racist “science” continues to propagate, and snare adherents, now in 2019. Also, get the Nazi shit the fuck outta here.



It isn’t though, you just are saying it is, it doesn’t make it true.



Regressive left turns, at that.


I think so.


Well, someone’s spouting pseudo-scientific garbage here.


It is. That doesn’t make this thread any less ugly though.


Yeah, this thread is still a pile of shit-covered-corpses, and should be burnt, then the ashes shot into the sun.


You could just not read it if it makes you that uncomfortable.


But it’s still here, giving George McAssclown a platform for his bullshit.


There are things one can ignore and there are things you can’t and you should’t.


The thread title makes it clear that it’s not something being amplified or endorsed in any way shape or form, and instead endorses the view that it is racist bullshit.

Rest of the thread is one person’s awfulness, and everyone else calling them on it.


It’s very clear that nobody is ignoring it.


I would’ve raced you to try to cover that bingo space. I think if we had a Qt3 Predict It, that one would’ve been trading at the full dollar.


This is, in fact, racism.

You are merely trying to cloak it in the guise of pseudo science.

You have no ACTUAL scientific basis that suggests there is a genetic basis for such things. There isn’t.

Virtually all of the traits you are thinking of are manifestations of high level cognitive processes. Those processes are determined primarily by the connections that exist in your neocortex, and are the result of experience. Genetic differences between different humans, with the exception of perhaps isolated mutant cases, has no real impact here. Your genes have very little to do with the linkages that form your consciousness.

The statistical differences in performance are caused by societal factors which in turn influence the early life experiences of children from different groups in their formative years, combined with pressures and limits placed on those individuals by society.

There is no scientific basis for thinking that they are due to intrinsic genetic makeup.


As someone who has/is:

  • had the 1% rule applied to them by an adopted family
  • and listened as a young grade school aged child to the older adult men discussing if I had a soul due to my mixed blood and if I should instead be treated “as a dog” adopted unfortunately by their relative
  • am female, making the point above even more scary
  • said adoption was considered enough of a cultural problem that laws were passed, and mine was covered under it (ICWA)
  • is a geek/gamer
  • worked in STEM and was very successful, one scientific breakthrough which I worked on solo was a world first, there were others as part of a team
  • also knows they may not have gotten many of those opportunities had they not looked “totally white”
  • is now retired (no virtue signalling needed heh)
  • is not a Democrat, nor has ever been one, was a Republican
  • who’s birth mother would have been sterilized had she given birth to me one state further south (VA stopped a few years before NC)
  • is in a mixed race marriage with bi-racial, bi-cultural children and grandchild

I think it is fair I have an opinion?

To the lone racist, in language at the level the views were expressed, my response is: LOL WUT? Slightly longer version: You are a bad intellectual, you are a bad conservative. You make both words embarrassed and you should feel bad. Please seek help.

To everyone else: This thread is great, though I think I only saw it with the new title.

I hope my intro list explains why I get the anger too. But, the only thing less dangerous than not calling out racists/sexists, is pretending racism/sexism doesn’t exist or it has “been solved already”. Also anger inducing.