"Race realism"? It's toxic racist crap. Let's discuss why.


What is this? I googled it and I’m getting investments and real estate.


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per wikipedia…

The one -drop rule is a social and legal principle of racial classification that was historically prominent in the United States in the 20th century. It asserted that any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan African ancestry (" one drop" of black blood) is considered black (Negro in historical terms).

I think this is the reference. I remembered this from my history reading but I had to google it to make sure. Sucks to get old. :)


It is a very hurtful thing to any minority or anyone of mixed race, and in the US most minorities are mixed race. The origin of it is only the beginning of the hurt.

If you were a slave and the owner had a relationship with you (consent was irrelevant), what do you do about the child? Slave. And what if that child looks white and has relations with another owner, and now you have a 3/4 white child? Slave. The rule was if you have even 1% non-white blood you have to be a slave.

Edit: It was often applied to native people as well as black. FYI

It is used on people like Obama to imply then that any percent of non-white blood makes him less capable, less human. So the harm continues today.

  • If you are familiar with the term “race realism”, the original thread title was pretty jarring. I certainly did a “WTF?” when I saw it this morning before work. And that’s for me as a white dude. Nesrie and others certainly don’t need it on a forum which should be about gaming and having fun. Sooner deleted is best.

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So let me get this straight: the ‘regressive left’ pointing at oppression as the sole factor for inequality is wrong because it doesn’t take other factors into account.

Yet when a statistical difference shows up for [trait] between races, only the sole factor of genetics matters?

It’s almost like the argument swing whichever way fits the narrative.




Oh good a eugenics thread.


So what’s going on in P&R today… What the fuck?


Blame the Movies category. They started it. Stupid art people.


Synchronised racist dunking.



Totally a quasi-religious response to perceived heresy. It’s hilarious.

(Apologies to the few who are making thoughtful comments, I’m just laughing at the rest and don’t really have time to respond in as much detail as some of your comments would require.)

Here are a couple of possible bridging thoughts for some of you. Obviously I don’t claim these people would endorse my position, but they might open up a few avenues for thought and investigation:-



Hear that, gang? We’re hilarious!




Just laughing at us. Doesn’t have time to join the conversation he started.




Just ignore him, he doesn’t have anything of value to add.

He served his purpose by presenting a bad idea, and failing to offer any coherent defense of it when challenged.


Let’s remember the conversation started because he thinks some races are just genetically predisposed to movie reviewing.


Debating this shit lends it credibility. That presupposes there are two sides to the issue.

Just stop. Not everything needs to be re-examined from every angle, even on the internet.