Racey Spanish Translation Services Required!

Er, P&R because, reasons? Probably more frequented than EE.

Anyhoo, my wife just picked up this little keepsake box from a garage sale down the road and she is curious as to the inscription on the bottom.

Spanish, I started typing it into google translate, with some…er interesting results, before it got hard to read, given my understanding of Spanish grammar and spelling.

Any native speakers want to give it a crack?

We both cracked up laughing upon google’s interpretation, until it got harder to read…


I think that’s por que, ‘because’, not pon que.

It’s this, I think:

Por que eres muy especial conserva esta cojita en señal de nuestros secretos y conversaciones que que daren guardados aquí

Se despido quen te

Ama Lorena

Which means roughly:

Because you are very special, keep this little girl as a sign of our secrets and conversations that will be kept here

I say goodbye to you

Ama Lorena

It’s cajita, a diminutive form of caja which means ‘box’. So ‘keep this little box’.

That makes more sense indeed ;)

Also, the closing probably means love, Lorena. Though ama can also be a nanny. I read it as:

Por que eres muy especial conserva esta cajita en señal de nuestros secretos y conversaciones que quedarán guardados aquí

Se despido quien te ama, Lorena

Because you are very special keep this little box as a sign of our secrets and conversations that will be left / kept guarded here. Goodbye (from) one who loves you, Lorena.

Nice work, thanks everyone, that makes more sense!

Yeah, that’s probably it!

Probably not controversial enough for P&R. :)

I know, I am disappointed too…

Just saw this. Yep, this is right.

Horrible handwriting, though.

So it is basically a box intended to store love letters in, I would assume. Or a token/trinket/momento, but I’d bet it means love letters.

Show-offs, with all your multilingualism.

All I can do is start bar fights in like 20 languages.

Heh. I start bar fights by botching my use of the subjunctive.

I suppose that you could start bar fights this way.

Heh. But you don’t need even 1 language to start a bar fight!


It looks carved. I was thinking “holy crap what an awesome carver to get those flowing letters like that with a chisel”

Is it carved?

“Gxnn bhldh sqrd m!”

I just go up to a guy an yell, “It’s pronounced Bigboo-TAY!” And slap him. Works every time.