Racing games - GTR, Race07, Rfactor, etc

@Starflightdream - is there an AI in Distance, or are you hotlapping against ghosts?

No AI, only ghosts. There is also online multiplayer, but running other people’s strange maps in Sprint is where it’s at.

Played GT sport A TON this week and I’m happy to say it paid off. I’ve been practicing the daily c race over and over and over all week. Today I had 3-4 2nds in a row and then a 1st place. I called it quits there as I was starting to get tired.

I was having a really crappy time the last couple of days crashing out on the first lap over and over. It’s because I had the brake balance too far back and it was making the car too loose through the turns. I adjusted that and that’s when the streak started. So much fun to have some nice clean racing with people and feeling totally in control of the car.

Weekly race B is Laguna Seca with group 4 cars. If I’m really bored I could probably get from a C rating to an A rating. I’ve driven that course sooooo much… And I’m really good with the Audi. We shall see…

Got a chance to run in the SRO GT World Challenge esports 6 hours of Spa on Sunday using ACC. absolutely fabulous experience. The link below has the press release and a link to the video.

Our team had a feeling it might rain, and ran a conservative setup that allowed us to run the 6hrs without any major incident. Well we got tangled in someone else’s spin and got tagged from behind, but other were minor. This was great as many teams had fast but unstable setups and we were able to pass them after they spun. The result was 9th in a stacked pro class of real world and sim drivers.

ACC is the best on the market imo for weather, and while it rained all race the amount of rain and the temps changed though out forcing us to adapt constantly. In one stint I was hunting for wet spots on the track to keep the wet tires cool and in another stint we were hydroplaning across rivers.

I will say the ACC back office for driver swap endurance events is stupid crazy, and still some people had trouble. Really needs work. For the drivers, it was mostly bearable but the fact your race team cannot set pit strategy but the driver has to do it (while driving) is outdated relative to iRacing.

Our final league race of the season tonight and practice suggests things might be a little tight.


I have been watching WEC and Weather Tech endurance races on YouTube lately. I don’t have the patience to learn to do it, even virtually, though.

PS. Sebring is an ugly ugly race course.

You take that back! It has character.

Any idea what you will be doing for next season? I’ve been racing a lot and getting in from the beginning would be sweet.

We are in silly season now. So we’ll vote on cars we want to be included in the choice, then narrow that choice down and do some test nights where everyone comes and runs shot races/practices in several different cars (sometimes at the same time (with hilarious results)) and then we’ll pick the car for season 7.

Once we have a car we’ll move on to tracks, because we don’t want to pick the Nordschleife and then find out the car we picked has 90 horsepower and will take an hour to do one lap.

I think you’re on the slack already, so come hang out in the s7 thread. You don’t have to vote, but you’d get to see which cars are being put forward at least.

Nice I just have to figure out how to use slack. :) In F1 2020 after figuring out I had the steering rotation all wrong (It should be set to 360 I didn’t realize it was set to 560) I started to really get the hang of it this weekend. I’ve always had the hardest time with the F1 cars as the diving into corners like a psycho is not how I drive. Australia I’m only 1 second off the best drivers pace and I know where I’m slow.

So I do think I can be competitive, but I have a lot of learning tracks to go. Once I get a track though it’s the greatest feeling. Especially when you see it translate between games and cars. I can run SPA on any game now and feel totally comfortable.

Rotation is important for sure. My wheel has a number of profiles I can scroll through on LEDs on the wheel. I have one set to 360 for open wheelers, one to 540 for various tintops like touring cars and GT cars and another set to 280 for KartKraft.

Every now and then I get into a GT3 car without remembering to move away from the 280 setting and can’t work out why I cant drive.

It looks like someone just painted lines on a Walmart lot. I feel embarrassed on their behalf.

It might not be much to look at, but it’s an excellent racetrack (at least in the sims I’ve played). Quite possibly the best flat/mostly flat circuit in the world. Some nice straights leading into sharp turns, lots of passing opportunities, some tricky sections, super bumpy track: it’s just a good time.

I’ve driven it IRL. You’re right, it’s great. That was my first experience with high speed turns and I was pretty amazed, even though I’m still crawling around at a snail’s pace compared to most of the ridiculously fast street cars you can buy off the corner lot.

Has Sebring ever been resurfaced? The front straight is still the concrete the old bombers used to land on, right?

I like it - it’s certainly better than anything Hermann Tilke could ever vomit out - but when I think of “must race there” circuits it doesn’t push to front of mind.

I don’t think it would for me either, but it’s all relative. Someone living next to Laguna Seca might have Sebring on their bucket list. Heck, I’d love to see what Tilke’s done with COTA.

I wonder if that has more to do with the fact that there aren’t too many ‘major’ races held there anymore or, really, in decades? There is no F1, NASCAR, Indycar, etc. It still has the 12 Hours of Sebring, but even that’s lost a lot of its luster to the 24 Hours of Daytona in recent decades. It does not seem to show up in video games too often either. Honestly, I rarely considered it too much until I started racing it on sims.

Purely on track layout and design, I’d rate it higher than many more prestigious tracks (e.g., probably over every current F1 track aside from Spa and Suzuka).

Eh… I disagree there. Sebring is a massive party that is on a larger scale than Daytona from what I’ve read. They also ramped it up the last couple years by bringing in the WEC on the same weekend. Daytona is a big deal, but Sebring is right there if not larger for fans.

It’s used throughout the year for testing both private and for some series as an official test day. It’s a tough layout. IndyCars don’t race there but do test there all the time. It’s just too rough to have an event right now I think. They test there to get data for street circuits which are often just as rough although the run the short course to test.

@Mr_Bismarck I don’t think they’ve ever resurfaced that front straight. No.

Fanatec has a Black Friday sale. I’m seriously considering the CSL Elite Wheel at $400, which is $100 off. It would make a good Christmas present.

They’re limiting the number of units they’ll sell under this deal and they’re down to 96 left!

[EDIT] I also assume there’s no way in hell I get it in time for Christmas.