Racing games - GTR, Race07, Rfactor, etc

Best of luck, eliandi!

Are you in a US timezone? Because if you fancy stepping back from GTE to GT3, the GWJ Racing league is about to kick off again, on Feb 10th with our season 5. Our spotter’s guide has room for more drivers in it…

Cool spotter guide!

However my dance card is full.

In between enduro events, I am also a member of the iracing GTE-GT3 league as well as try to make a couple of league races using AC/ACC.

Update on our 24hr event. We picked up a 5th driver, so it makes the total driving/spotting time more bearable. And he is FAST. The key now is to run laps and stay out of the pits!

Sorry, forgot to update. We finished the Daytona24 in 14th of 40+ teams in our heat. We could have done top 10 except we have a technical issue with a VR user that put the car into the wall for some repairs.

Next up for me is the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. With darkness. Should be intense!

And the N24 WAS very intense. I completed 3x 1hr stints at the iRacing Nurburgring 24hours in a GT3 Ferrari (plus another 4-5hrs helping spot/crew chief for other drivers). 24 hours of racing at the famous Nurburgring “Green Hell” circuit. We decided to start from pit lane to avoid any lap 1 stupidity, and by nightfall we were up into the 10th place. However we had a few adventures after that and ended up in 12th place (of 55).

Having fun right now with MotoGP 19. The new AI they put in had some issues at release - a weird love for rookie rider Tom Booth Amos being the funniest bug - but they just released a new patch for a couple items that also tidied up the AI order and their overall race ability and it’s delicious…

Braking at the end of the long back straight at CotA gets real entertaining when you’ve been slipstreaming the whole way down. On these little Moto3 bikes it’s possible to get fast enough that your brakes don’t do much more than turn the back of the bike into a rodeo.

I loved MotoGP 13 back in the day. It’s more impressive than I expected.

Descenders, however, was not. At least on Xbox the frame rate is atrocious.

Record Scratch Yep, that’s me…

I may have got that corner slightly wrong.

You’re just doing the minimum number of head injury demonstrations required by your helmet sponsor each season.

Lower tyre wear with this one neat trick.

Been hoping back into Assetto Corsa Competizione with the new 1.0.7 update and the new tyre model it features. Can confirm after much testing around Circuit de Catalunya that the kerbs are indeed a lot friendlier and realistic now. The performance optimisations (mainly CPU related) are welcome too, along with all the other stuff in the update.

Did they make mid-race saving work yet?

Need to test it myself to confirm, but at least according to the patch notes and what I have read online mid-session saving should be working now.

I bought rFactor 2 because there’s a mod for the road course of the track night I’m going to on Tuesday. Man, it’s just as janky as the original.

I finally dragged my wheel out of the closet and the rubber on my old Fanatec wheel was sticky and smearing. A quick Google search revealed that it’s a super thin rubber layer over the plastic. I just needed to scrub off the residue with rubbing alcohol.

Good enough. I mean… wait, this won’t work at all, I need a ClubSport Base and multiple wheels ASAP.

rFactor2 is getting better since the switch to Sector9, but it’s a slow ole process.

Which track are you going to?


Nice! Kind of looks like an upside down Circuit de Catalunya. I haven’t driven there.

I’m lucky to live near Lime Rock, which is on just about every sim so you can practice thousands of laps before you ruin your own tyres for real.

Forgot to mention it’s my first one! If there’s a Subaru sedan mod for rFactor 2, someone let me know.

I’ll need to try ACC again with the new patch.

Rf2 is indeed janky. I’ve never liked it mainly due to tire model, but some people do. The only time I boot it is also to run some local tracks before a track day.

BTW Tim good luck on the trackday! I’ve done more than a few…great fun

This may be too late, but my old joystick had a similar problem with sticky rubber on the grip. I applied a liberal amount of baby powder, got rid of the stickiness and saved the rubber.

Thanks. I had a great time except I developed a strange chattering vibration in my brake pedal after a few laps. Pretty sure it wasn’t the ABS. I might’ve warped the rotors but I didn’t feel it later when the car cooled down.

If it does turn out I overheated the rotors, then I can definitely blame driving sims for that. I’m used to GT cars where you can stand on the brakes every turn. Otherwise it was a huge help understanding the line. Most of the other novices had no clue.