Racing games - GTR, Race07, Rfactor, etc

They race well in a pack too. This video starts with the guy who was hounding me spinning out in the final corner and follows the pack behind us in their fight for 3rd-6th. Luckily they fought each other so hard they let me get away for 2nd.

I just played a short 35 minute endurance race in AMS2 on the 24H Nordsleife track. It was pouring torrential rain at the beginning of the race and one of the AI completely wrecked shortly after we had passed through the GP circuit and I had to sit through a lap of full course yellow and a lap of safety car.

By the time is was green, most of the track was dry and most of the other cars in my class pitted for fuel and tires. Thinking I was really clever, I had put extra fuel in my car to start, so I skipped the pit and found myself in podium position. However, I ended up regretting this about halfway through the lap when the dry course overheated my tires and they quickly lost most of their grip.

I ended up getting passed by all of the cars who had pitted and finished dead last. But oh, were lessons learned!

Also, though I’m sure most of you know this already, the Crew Chief add-on app is really amazing! It adds in a virtual crew chief who gives you advice and encouragement while you race. You can add a better spotter than the boring one that comes in the game. This makes the game feel so much more immersive. There is even a setting that lets him use more “colorful” language!

Agree on crew chief. Its indispensable in my iRacing.

I looked and found I have AMS, not AMS2. Then I looked at the price on Steam and decided to wait for a sale.

So I went the opposite. I loaded Asetto Corsa and specifically a track local to me I’ve driven on before (Eagle’s Canyon, great local club track). I loaded up a field of suitable track day cars and had a blast.

Later I swapped the track day cars with the Asetto Corsa legends 60s sportscar mod and had a historical race at this local track like our local historical car group runs.

This is what I did as well, though I think it is worth full price. If you wait until a sale, I highly recommend getting one of the bundles with DLC. The base game is great, but the DLC really fleshes it out a lot, especially in terms of famous tracks (and their historical versions).

I did a race with late 60s formula cars on 1971 Kyalami yesterday. Those vintage cars are a ton of fun and in some ways I enjoy driving them more than modern cars.

Wish I had any time as of late. Every time I think now I’ll have time it never happens. Wheel has been sitting next to me taunting me for a good year. ;) Someday…

I fully prefer vintage cars over modern cars for driving fun. It all comes down to the tires. The old tires reward a nice big slip angle, and driving sidesways is damn fun.

Modern tires punish big slip angles, so the fastest drivers are the ones who can drive at very precisely small slip angles.

Go watch a Goodwood revival race and tell me that doesn’t look like tons of fun! Then watch Max drive his Red Bull. Brutally fast, but looks almost boring relative to the vintage cars.

I really need to rejoin a vintage sim racing group.

I find the older cars to have a lot more character to them compared to modern cars. Unlike modern race cars, which feel like finely tuned miracles of engineering, vintage cars feel more like wild animals that need to be tamed to drive them well.

They are especially fun on vintage tracks with more natural features and fewer chicanes. I especially enjoy racing on the Nürburgring Sudschleife, which I find perfectly suited for these cars.

Are there any free race sims on PS4? I just want to confirm that my damn wheel and pedal setup works before I buy Gran Turismo…

Have you had PlayStation Plus for awhile, or in the past? Check your library for something they gave away that uses a wheel. Dirt Rally was a giveaway among others.

Also, maybe see if there any demos for racing games that you can try. I don’t know if any off-hand but I’m sure that some exist.

Should take you to Racing demos. NASCAR Heat 3 should do the trick.

The store had a bunch of obsolete demos that Sony didn’t clean up, and I missed the filter functions, but NASCAR Heat 3 indeed did the trick. We’re good to go.

Played another vintage F1 race in AMS2 on 1970 Spa (the long original version) yesterday. It blows my mind every time thinking about how people used to race on it. In some ways I have similar feelings about the nordschleife, though at least speeds on that are relatively manageable throughout most of the track.

I also played a vintage race on Monaco a day earlier, which is much better suited for smaller vintage cars than massive modern F1 cars.

This also happened over the weekend (the full race is on the Goodwood YouTube channel). This is even the same car I used in my race.

My favorite ever sim race at the classic Monaco course was in 60s era Mini Coopers and Abarths. With such low power, any mistake punished you thoroughly. But they are so small you could run then side by side.

The Formula Juniors work quite well at Monaco in AMS2. They’re just small enough to make some racing possible and still look like a classic Formula car.

I generally dislike racing at the Monoco circuit, especially in modern F1 cars. But yeah, with smaller cars it is easy to understand why it became so famous. I bet that ARC cars would also be really fun to race there.

I think I also tried racing superkarts there once, which was hilarious.

I love racing the 1960s Minis in AMS2! You can properly oversteer through corners with them, which is super fun.

Anyone play World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing? It’s a dirt racing sim published by iRacing that was released on consoles a couple years ago. I impulse bought it earlier today and played a couple hours. The racing itself is unlike any other racing sim I have played. The cars are set up to go around ovals, so they are unbalanced, but also drift through the corners since the track is dirt. It means the car is constantly moving around both on turns and straights. Also, as @DaveLong as pointed out many times, sprint cars are really fast!

It has a campaign mode where occasionally FMV of real drivers will play after your races encouraging you if you did poorly or congratulating you if you did well, which is kind of cute. I’ve heard that the campaign has a lot of content, which would be a pleasant surprise compared to most racing sims.

I know @TheToxicWaltz has spoken positively about that game. No PC version though, so I don’t have it.

Yeah I have this on Xbox. I think it’s great, and I’ve been playing dirt oval sims back to the old Ratbag dirt track games. I guess actually more back to Atari ice racing which way the only way to ‘get sideways’ back then. Winged sprints have always been my favorite style of 4 wheel racing.

The WOO game is good, and lots of fun. It looks like a new version will be coming out. I only fell off this when I upgraded to a direct drive wheel that doesn’t support Xbox. And now the Xbox lives in another room and I haven’t bothered trying to set up the old wheelset to work sitting on the couch. And the new wheel is permanently mounted so not easy to swap out on my rig. I tried controller, I think “F that” is my summary, but others that primarily race with a controller would probably do better. Not being able to feel the slide I just can’t keep it in control on a gamepad.

I wish they came out with a PC version, but I doubt that ever happens as it would compete with iRacing which is the best dirt oval you can get atm.

Maybe I’ll finally see if I can rig up the old setup in the living room, if the wife ever stops playing BG3 long enough to let me sign into the Xbox!