Racing games - GTR, Race07, Rfactor, etc

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll add it to my wishlist on Xbox. I have never heard of it before.

I’ve been playing with controller and I think it works pretty well. Since it is only available on console, I think they put some effort into tightening up the controls. My only complaint is that you can’t change the controller settings in the middle of a race, which made it kind of a pain to get them adjusted to my liking. I think I ended up turning the steering sensitivity down a little, which made controlling the slides a little easier.

My biggest complaint about the game is that it doesn’t really have any kind of tutorials or explanation for some of its mechanics. Like, each car has different parts that you can upgrade, but I don’t really know how they affect the car overall. Also, having never raced on dirt ovals before, it’s been challenging trying to figure out what the best racing line is for each one.

I’ve heard that iRacing has a much more realistic dirt oval racing than this, even though they published it. That said, the racing still feels better than something like Dirt 5 (though some of the collision physics are kind of weird). It looks like the next game is going to add in dynamically changing track conditions and racing lines, which I think iRacing already has.

As I have iRacing, I’ve dabbled in dirt racing. I can confirm during races you can see the racing line evolve and move during a race.

I will say while I’m pretty decent in something like a street stock, I’ve found I’m incompetent in the higher end cars.

I played an amazing race in AMS2 yesterday on 1970s Spielberg with Formula Junior cars. Though I have an issue with the AI on some tracks and with some car classes, they worked perfect for this. I think Formula Junior may be one of my favorite classes in the game currently, they are just so damn fun to drive!

Also, I discovered that the tire changing speed of vintage cars in the game is significantly longer than I expected. A simple tire change stop took over a minute to complete, which resulted in pitting cars often appearing near the relatively close to the front of the pack as they exited the pit.

My league race ran last night and after 45 minutes I crossed the line 1.2 seconds behind the leader… in fourth place.

Fifth place was .7 behind me, so the front five were within two seconds of each other.

Running that close for that long really gives Automobilista’s dirt generator a workout…

I did a lot of online vintage racing back in the day, and the longer pit stops are part of the fun and directly change strategy. Because pitstops are so slow, saving fuel or tires becomes more powerful and I’ve seen races won and lost based on this.

We used to joke about our friends and relatives on our pit crews on voice chat : “hurry up on that tire Uncle Billy!”

And depending on the mod/game, repairs are also much slower and cruder which impacts the racing as well.

Reina just posted some more information about the upcoming 1.6 patch:

They also confirmed that they will be releasing a second endurance car pack and an IMSA track pack. I will almost definitely pick these up when they are launched. They will also be adding more cars into the base game, including an Audi Quattro and R8.

A friend of mine recently picked up the MotoGP 24 game and gifted me a copy so I could play with him. It’s the first time either of us have played a motorcycle racing game and it definitely has a learning curve. Braking and turning a bike requires a totally different approach than a car and it is much less forgiving if you make a mistake. That said, because it is harder to consistently hit apexes, it is way more satisfying when you do.

Anyway, it is on sale on Steam now if anyone is interested. Definitely worth it!

If you’re playing MotoGP don’t sleep on Moto3.

In a real MotoGP weekend it’s often the best racing available and the game captures the mayhem of a collection of teenagers on draft-dependent bikes really well.

You can also have fun moments like when someone highsides their bike and you drive between their legs while they’re in midair.

I’d put this in my Linkedin… if I had one

Started a new custom championship with the Ginetta G40 cup cars roughly based on the Mazda MX-5 Cup. Not only are these cars really fun and easy to drive (as @Mr_Bismarck has said before), but I have found that the AI is actually pretty capable with them. I’ve had some really exciting races with back-and-forth position changes without feeling like that AI is cheating.

That said, it would be really nice if they would put the MX-5 in the game someday, along with some other classic Mazda cars (like the 787B from Group C).

Try Asseto Corsa. Has all of that and tons more, and its cheap. But its a few years older than Automobilista 2.

Heck, they have 3 group c cars (Mazda, Porsche, and Mercedes) so you can even have group c racing. Its got the original 1990 vintage Miata and the modern Miata Cup car.

Because its modifiable, there are thousands of user made cars and tracks.

The only weakness with AC is that the AI is very slow.

Note that we’re driving the GT5 G40s, not the G40 Cup, which is a slightly slower car.

This past week we were at Watkins Glen and 2nd/3rd/4th finished separated by 0.4 seconds. I was fourth with a couple laps to go and running up the hill from turn two had this internal discussion:

My brain: “What if we went three wide into the bus stop!?”

Also my brain : “We should stop listening to that part of your brain.”

I decided pretty last minute to bail out on that terrible idea and that choice ended up giving me second place.

I am currently trying to replicate Keke Rosberg’s 1982 season, in that I’m leading the championship 75% of the way through without having won any of the races.

Because I have alot of mod cars and tracks for AC, and because all by itself it makes the game better, I use a front-end for AC called Content Manager and rarely use the AC menus.

Within Content Manager there are sliders for AI speed and i think AI aggressiveness. I’m not at the game but I’ve never maxed out the speed slider and I think it goes to like 120% for speed. But maybe I’m just slow :)

I use Content Manager, yeah. I think the sliders only go to 100 for AC though.

There’s a 3rd party app out there that tries to build a career mode sensible career mode and then you use AC for the races. It uses Content Manager to start and run the sessions and feed the results back into the tool. I gave up after about four races just because I had won them all at a canter.

ACC is another matter - the AI smokes me there on any rating from about 95 up.

Someone hit a kerb in my league race last night and the physics engine had feelings about that.


I can’t believe they render so much around the race track. I guess, just in case the player gets launched into space.

I think it’s just a flat Google Maps image, but yeah it’s very wide coverage considering the chances of seeing it are almost zero.

So today is my birthday and I decided to treat myself to a couple pieces of AMS2 DLC that I hadn’t bought yet. I picked up the Hi-tech Formula pack and the Hockenheim pack.

The Hi-tech pack includes F1 cars from the 1992-93 seasons, which had a shitload of electronic aids like ABS, TC, semi-auto gearboxes, and DRS. The ‘93 cars basically drive like super-powered, lightweight GT3 cars. They are also super fun to drive! I also loaded the ‘92 and ‘93 season skins by Immersion Modding Group, which look fantastic.

The Hockenheim tracks seem pretty good, though most of my time has been spent with the ‘88 version. It’s such a shame that the main loop was cut out of the actual track since the classic forest loop is so enjoyable to drive on (though some of the chicanes on the ‘88 track are pretty meh).

Both DLCs are ace, though to be honest the only AMS2 DLC that I haven’t enjoyed so far was the dirt racing one.