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We park right about where the red mark is for the 500. :slight_smile:

So I’m making my big overseas move next week and decided to actually invest in a proper DD racing wheel to replace my non-FFB Hori. I did a little research and decided to go with a Moza R5 bundle which has a wheel, base, desk clamp, and two pedals. It seems like Moza has the best “bang for your buck” currently in the DD wheel market. I considered the R3 wheel as well since I also have an Xbox, but was worried that the base was too weak.

For the brake pedal, I bought the optional upgrade which adds a stiffening spring to it. However, after ordering it I realized that I will need to figure out some way to anchor the pedals down if I’m using the spring, otherwise they will likely tip over. Any tips for cheap ways to anchor them? I don’t want to buy a fancy cockpit or anything and plan to use the wheel with my future home office desk.

Where are you moving? Anywhere in the UK or EU you’ll need a transformer for the AC adapter. My old wheel worked fine with the TF, but without it you’ll fry the hardware.

I’m moving back to the US, but I’ve never heard of these kind of issues there. Is it an issue with different voltages in Europe?

Oh, where are you now? Yes, UK is 230V vs 120V in the US. I assume if you were already abroad in the EU you’d know all this already. It’s fun reading the US+Canadians in UK facebook posts about frying their ‘imported’ electrics using just normal travel adapters (that are good for general laptop / mobile charging stuff etc, but nothing with motors).

It very much depends on your setup.

I do have a (cheap and old) cockpit, but needed a way to anchor my pedals. In my case I was able to purchase a strip of steel from the local hardware store that is placed over the leading edge of the pedals and then is anchored on the left and right to the floor by the weight of the cockpit frame.

You could do something similar to a desk setup. The problem I had with a desk setup when I had pedals like this was my chair moving. My current pedals require more force that a desk chair would deal with.

Look what has a Steam page now…

Good thing I finally got around to playing Competizione!


I recently bought a Moza R5 bundle and finally got to try it today. It’s my first DD wheel and also my first wheel with any kind of FFB. I played a bit of AMS2 and was surprised how much it transforms the whole racing experience. I almost feel like I’m playing an entirely new game!

That said, I tried it with EA WRC and the FFB felt like it would tear off my arms. I guess I need to manually do some adjusting.

In iRacing I have to adjust it from car to car, a good FF level for the Formula Ford is undriveably hard on an F4. That said, as you get used to it, you want as much force as you can wrestle, because the greater range allows for more nuances to be felt.

My base is 10NM and at the beginning I couldn’t fathom why anybody would want a 15 or 20 NM one when 10NM left me with shoulder pain after a few laps, but now I’m making more use of the full range and see how a bit more could be marginally useful sometimes.

A similar thing has happened to me with the load cell pedals: the first few days I calibrated them so 100% was about 30 reasonable Kg out of the 100 the cell can measure. And I still had some hip/quad/knee issues as I adapted. But lately I’d been noticing that my braking had not improved that much from the old G25 pedals. Still a bit imprecise and I tended to brake more than I thought I was braking.

Yesterday I calibrated them so 100% is as much as I can push with my back making the seat groan and squeak and forcing me to tighten the screws on the pedal plate. After a few laps on the tracks I was driving this week I was half a second faster in every one of them. Now I’m more in control on how much and for how long I’m braking as there is a greater range of forces I can apply.

Lurb is spot on here. I like pretty high forced overall.

However I will say I had to back out of driving a iRacing endurance event because I

  1. Was practicing the track alot with the FF pretty high
  2. I was really pushing myself in the gym that same week

Ended up with severe overuse in my wrists/forearms and had to bail out of an event I was schedule to run.

Yeah, as with any form of exercise you have to ease into it.
The first week I had the DD wheel and LC pedals I had to restrain myself because I was very motivated to put hours upon hours into it, but I was in pain and at risk of having to get a real “vacation”:

  • The FFB was way stronger than the old G25, even tuning it down, so I had some shoulder and elbow pain.
  • I was gripping the wheel too hard, so I had some finger pain from the strain and developed new callouses.
  • I was driving mainly the Formula Ford, which works better with manual clutch. I found using the extra clutch paddles on the wheel very effective, but the springs on those are very stiff so the flexors in my forearms where strained (and now after two months they are noticeably larger than before).
  • As I said above, I had hip and knee strain from the new pedals.

So I had to consciously ration myself to avoid getting hurt.

But by now I’m used to it, and tuning everything to max force.

Yeah, after using it for a few days, I am getting more used to it. Bought some fingerless weightlifting gloves to wear when using it, which I found helps a lot. Though, I still turn it down to about 80% with EA WRC.

The new wheel gives me a greater appreciation for AMS2 and its FFB. I’ve heard LMU has really good FFB as well, but it seems to crash whenever I play it.

New sim racer Rennsport is available in open beta as of today.

It’s free to try and I’ll say that’s a great price for it.

Not hearing much good about it, unfortunately. The whole concept and its development just seems a bit weird to me. There are several high quality, functional racing sims with much more content already on the market and I have no idea how Rennsport will be able to compete with them. Especially if AMS2 can somehow improve their multiplayer, I think that could be the nail in the coffin for something like this.

I was in the RS closed beta, hence my assertion that free is the second best price for it.

I certainly wouldn’t rush to get any of the Founder’s packs, because you might not end up with anywhere to drive your money.


The “dynamic” car paints that flash and move like you’re driving a Warzone assault rifle are funny.

That sounds so awful, but might be amazing in a simcade-style racing game. For something like this which seems to be marketing itself as a hardcore competitive sim, I think it will just turn off more players.