Racing wheels compatible with PC and all consoles out of box

Do any exist?

I see this one:

But I haven’t found any sold in the U.S. as of yet.

Any help would be appreciated!

This one supports all 3 consoles, but not the PC. I own one, it’s pretty good but the default dead zone is waay too big.

It would probably work on the PC with a PS2->USB adapter, but I’m not sure how well.

Wouldn’t a Xbox-USB converter work better? I thought the Xbox controllers basically had a USB connection in a differently shaped housing.


So ah … it’s 2009 and my MOMO has been acting up in a bad way, and it’s not under warranty anymore. I’d love a wheel that can jump between Xbox 360 and PC so that I didn’t have to be all exclusive. My platform of choice is PC but Forza3 and friends are calling. I can’t possibly buy a replacement wheel AND an xbox wheel.

Has there been a good way to be able to use a particular wheel for both platforms?

The MS Wireless Wheel works on both, but the force feedback is unavailable when using it with the PC. (Unless they finally got around to adding it, like they promised, but I haven’t heard anything suggesting so.)

The only other one I know of is the Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel, which is heavily backordered and only just started shipping, I think.

Yeesh, those are pricey, not really in the mood to spend $350 on a wheel, either.

Force feedback is pretty essential for driving… I’m surprised the MS wheel isn’t fully compatible. Boo.

I should try to do it as I have the MS FF wheel for Xbox 360. If I had to level a complaint it’s that the force feedback has too much delay. I have the old Logitech FF MOMO and the comparison is night and day… as in - the Microsoft wheel stinks. Maybe if it wasn’t wireless the response would be better.

I also tried out these two wheels last year when I was trying to settle on one) and they were horrible.

It’s too bad the Logitech wheels aren’t Xbox 360 compatible. They have some that work on both PS3 & PC, but not Xbox 360. Sucks.

They apparently used to have a 360 wheel, the DriveFX, but I can only find references to it via Google now. I don’t know if there was some kind of falling out between Logitech and MS or what.

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