RAD - Robot Alchemic Drive

So, I played the demo of this on the PS2 magazine disk.

OH MY GOD. I’m so sold on this game. Too bad they couldn’t get the Johnny Sako license, hehe. Seriously, if you haven’t looked at this one, let me give you the run-down…

You’re a human. Average human size. You have a friend who is a 150’ tall robot, and with him you beat up other giant monsters. Now, the gimmick here is that your perspective on the fight is first-person through the eyes of the puny human robot-jockey on the ground. You have to position yourself to avoid being stepped on, fallen on, or having a building dumped on you. Meanwhile, you still have to have a good view of the fight - because you remote-control your “giant robo” from that perspective. Right and left analog sticks control the arms, the four top buttons control the legs, and you have to manually take each step and punch. One of the robots is a classic “Mazinger Z”, while the other two are a transforming jet and tank.

For those of you who passionately remember their Shogun Warriors toys (the 2ft tall robots from our youth) you’ll be extremely pleased to note that the robots do sport chest-launched missiles and the ability to launch rocket propelled fists from their arms.

Damn, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control, and I think I like it.

So basically…

“We still can’t design a 3D game with a decent camera system for the life of us!”

“Wait, let’s just make it into a feature in the game.”



It doesnt deserve that negative comment, as it still has a 3rd person cam on your human character, genius. There is a history of this type of human controlled robot in japanese giant robot pop culture and almost all videogames are of the other robot type. (sentient or piloted by humans from a cockpit)

Was great fun at e3 at ‘80%’ done, Can’t wait, very neat control scheme.

Sorry, it’s just hard to get excited about someone’s description of a game where a key element is finding a playable view after all the crap camera systems other games have had in the past.

I don’t know how much better it can get than controlling a ten story tall robot and having to get the hell out of the way of the path of destruction it can wreak. This game should be a sleeper hit this Fall.


Aszurom shouts into his watch “Kick his ass, giant robo!”

Tried this at E3…nice idea and looked good, but IMHO the controls made it tedious – you have to control the thing like a freakin’ marionette. I guess console gamers are used to stuff with complex controls/moves, but still, it was an odd design decision. You’d think a giant robot would have enough AI to walk itself around and avoid things without a human having to tell it “lift right leg” “put right leg down” “do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around” etc.

It seemed to be bothering other players at the time, too – people would walk up, realize they had to micromanage the robot’s every move instead of just fighting, and then walk away.

Yeah, I tried it for a little while also, and came to a similar conclusion. The controls were extremely awkward (game-breaking awkward). I mean, let’s be perfectly honest here: how can a game be fun when it’s a pain in the ass to walk around?

Man, what the hell was i doing at E3 anyway? Why is it that whenever someone mentions a game they saw there i’m left thinking “Wait, was that at this years E3?”

I’m gonna have to start stalking people who know where they’re going.

Oh, fooey. The controls were FINE. Iwas easy to wlak around, it was a bit tricky to make the robot walk around, true. But walking your character was simple.

I liked the RC-robot style of control, and there are a zillion games where you just easily whip these huge machines around with simple controls. I think it is cool as hell this has the RC-style controls.

I admit it does seem like something I’d have to import normally, but hey, it’s cheaper for me if it is released here and flops.

Well, I like it for 2 reasons:

The controls… I don’t want DOA3+robots

The perspective

Translated from a Japanese urban architect after hearing about this game…

Fuck! I thought Godzilla was bad but then all the stuff with the giant robots! For a while they mostly fought in the countryside but now this! No respect for the buildings I tell you! No respect!