Radeon 5770 question

I got an XFX Radeon 5770 recently to replace my 8800 GT, which was starting to flake out. I put it in the PCI Express slot, plugged in the 6 pin power lead that my 8800 was using and it seems to be working OK. However, I have just noticed that it shipped with a power lead that looks a little funky - it has two 3 pin power supply connectors going to a 6 pin connector that would connect to the card.

I can’t see where the current 6 pin connector (the one powering the card, that used to power the 8800) terminates in the current machine, so I can’t see if it’s set up the same way. So, I’m wondering - am I OK doing what I have done, or should I be using this 2 to 1 connector that XFX included?

What you have now is correct. Those other connectors are for people who may still have PSUs without PCIe connectors – not very many any more.

Thanks man.