Radiant AI videos (mnssfw)

I haven’t recieved this masterpiece from Amazon yet but I’ve noticed this gem of “kewl silverware physics” hasn’t been posted. It’s from the joyless ones, but here we go:


Thats about as stupid and violent as I can go in a computer game.

Why isn’t that safe for work?

The same way playing Everquest isn’t?

Thats a hell of a dinner party.

I guess. But I was expecting a whittalink or something. Instead, it’s just gameplay footage of someone sneak attacking an NPC at a dinner table. There aren’t even any boobies, which was disappointing.

Hah, nice. I guess its only not safe for work if you can’t watch any videos at work.

Anyway, I found it amusing how sneak attack let them do this over and over and over.

The AI should at least react as if they’d been attacked. Regardless of whether or not they know where the source is.

I posted MNSSFW, not NSFW. But you have to admit that is not only violent but incredibly stupid. You guys have the game, if you attack a critical NPC does everyone ignore you? When someone is brained twice, ressurects like some sort of horror movie do they say “Pass the fish”?

I really do like the plates and chalices flying .

If stupid was NSFW, most work places wouldn’t exist.

His eye didn’t look shaded, he could have just used the console command to turn off AI. However, I do think that’s how the game works if you’re sneaking. NPC death is only registered as a crimeyou commit. So if an NPC was coded to die of natural causes, a NPC reaction would need to be scripted, since it’s not part of the radiant AI (or commented out).

If cracking young womens heads, mafia style, was legal…well, it was too creepily realistic.

He was sneaking the first time, but the second, third and fourth I 'm doubtful.

If the eyes looked blank, he probably used ‘setunconscious 1’, a console command to let you turn off the AI on selected characters. They stay in their last position, so if you used it on a bunch of people at a table, they’d all sit there like zombies.

Actually, I think it has to do with one-hit killing people. I did the same thing to some guys in the mages guild. As long as I took them down with one swing, they wouldn’t react.