Radical layoffs (dude)

Axedivision strikes again. Radical let a 100 people go

Well, at least it doesn’t affect Prototype. Does anyone know what the fourth title was?

I expect Vancouver can probably soak up a hundred people easy enough, so people should hit the ground running, but then again… with Backbone closed recently as well, it might be tougher than normal.

Harsh though. Radical is one of the oldest devs in Vancouver.

Needless to say, no work is getting done over there today as who is getting laid off won’t be known until tomorrow. d’oh!

Thus, it appears that the studio’s sequel to 2006’s Scarface: The World Is Yours has been canceled.

Aw, crap … I was seeing good things for that series.

In case it can possibly help anyone, PopCap’s hiring in Seattle. Especially some senior console devs, a fairly wide variety of back-end engineering positions, a producer, art director, some QA, and all sorts of other stuff as well.

So if anyone here was at Radical and is now looking for a job and willing to relocate to Seattle, let me know via PM and I’ll help connect you to the proper people.

Wait, committed to making the best games possible…and then axing Scarface 2 in favor of yet another Crash game? WTF. (Unless I’m confused and that’s not Crash Bandicoot.)

I believe that is the name of the new crash bandicoot game. That sucks about scarface 2, the first one was good but could have used some refinement.

Sorry to hear this guys :( If its any help we’re hiring an animator or two. We are located in Vancouver/Burnaby and the contact info is at www.ironcladgames.com.

Sorry to hear about Radicals, hopefully people find new and better jobs

As Bond project getting close to completion, I often wonder if I should start looking for new jobs, since I haven’t heard anything new getting worked on.

Anyone want an extremely cheerful programmer/scripter/designer PST :)

The folks at Radical Entertainment have made some great games, so I hope that this doesn’t affect any of the talent behind some of those awesome titles. Activision Blizzard sounds like it considers its employs replaceable, which is a shame. I know things come down to the bottom line and all that, and that these people will likely find work elsewhere within the industry, but it still bugs me to see it happening. High Moon Studios is losing people, as well.

And a vista patch

I went to Bridges in Vancouver last week … what a view. Great martinis too.