Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me


Seems like more players are enjoying this than not (compared to mediocre reception by influencers). Does this game perhaps qualify as an underrated game worthy of reconsideration for purchase?


Awesome, thanks!


That clip reminds me strongly of the latest Doom. I mean, it’s like Doom reskinned. Good or bad, that depends on how one found Doom I guess.


Yes, the gunplay and movement feels good. That matters a lot.


This is really good, overall. I have a few lesser qualms.

  • The default keybindings are a mess IMO. I moved focus to my mouse thumb button. Having it on Ctrl is insane. I’m sure that will work for some poeople but holy shit it was crushing my hand.

  • The melee range is pitiful for purposes of breaking crates. Or the crate hit boxen are absurdly small. This drove me crazy early and often. I just shoot crates now because fuck that noise.

  • The Defib is dumb.

  • The inventory/etc ui needs a bit of tweaking. I couldn’t figure out how to upgrade my weapon levels after doing it once early in the game (I think via prompting/tutorial). It was because you can’t click on the next level, you have to arrow down to it. This was totally bewildering to me.

  • Nobody playing on a PC is using the fucking enter key to do anything on the UI. I don’t know why they didn’t put [Space] in the prompts instead (which works by default).

  • Can’t mass-harvest blue stuff from Meteors? Really? What the fuck.

Otherwise this is a ton of fun. Much better than Doom IMO (but then I liked Shadow Warrior 2 more than Doom so there you go). The many upgrade paths are great. The guns feel great. I love exploring the world. I don’t think the game is poorer for not having the “Far Cry base takeover” aspects, which I always felt were a little overrated. Or maybe I should say that I would take the tight shooting and mechanics of this game over that mechanic every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

It could use a little more enemy variety maybe. Oh and controlling the vehicles via mouse and keyboard is difficult for me. I guess I’m used to using a controller for third person driving. I over turn/correct a lot.


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According to reports, the non-denuvo version also loads a lot faster (who would’ve thought… ) (and probably has a small % performance increase).


I’m reading on reddit that the Steam version has Denuvo, but the version on the Bethesda Launcher only have an online activation?



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- Lord Marcus Dracon


I turned off the “Vehicle Camera Centering” option, with that on (default) driving was really difficult.


Ooh, I will try that. I hadn’t looked closely at the settings for vehicular stuff. Thanks for the tip.


The least I could do given that you told me that SPACE works for ENTER on those confirmation screens. :)



I did not need that blast from the past


Oldschool, homie.


This just squeaked past 70% on Game Rankings. I’m definitely in but I’ll wait for a nice sale.


I was trying to get the achievement for the race using mouse and keyboard, and just couldn’t get it (quickest lap was 1:31.7 and quickest race was 3:06). Switched to the controller and got it in a couple tries. Not a big deal outside the race for the achievement, but it is noticeable.

Also, the helicopter is a great way to get around.


Lotta “crusty socks” out there in the wasteland.


And Denuvo is gone, since it was cracked in like a day or whatever. No doubt money well spent on that DRM.


Wasn’t cracked though, Bethesda released the game on their own store without any DRM infecting the title so Codex just released that version (with one-time online activation custom check removed) instead of cracking the Steam version. So there are still scene points up for grabs for whomever does the Steam version (well… pre-patch anyway).

At least having both the steam and non-steam executable they should be able to compare pretty much 1:1.

Silly of them to use it to begin with, but kudos for using it. Wonder how cheap the Denuvo license is if they can ‘throw it about’ like that.

Heard some rumours the Console version didn’t run very nicely? I recall Just Cause 3 ran so terrible on my PS4 I couldn’t even bother playing it, even if it came with PSN.


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