Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me

That crate hitbox shot pisses me off. Hope they fix it

Well crap, had no idea it got a patch. It’s 19.49GB in size. This aughta be good.

Wow, the new hitboxes for crates must be HUUUUUGE.

Do a melee attack anywhere, a box breaks SOMEWHERE.

Keep it going fam

Who me? Nah, I don’t ignore anyone.

I was trying to agree & expand.

Anyone finish this and want to give a overall yay or nay?

I say nay, sadly. It’s just boring and there are better games.

I liked it. I was only in it for a shooter and I thought that part was really fun.

There are always better games. It was a bit underwhelming to me. But, there were good challenges at times. 6 out of 10 for me.

Liked it a lot :)

It’s Steam right? Try it for a couple of hours and return if it doesn’t click.

Wait , I thought the character already had a flashlight? No?

I uninstalled this, actually. I’m gonna wait for more patches and the first DLC before diving back in. Just surprisingly not enjoying it.

Have we learned nothing from DOOM 3?

Thinking back, I have no idea where or when I would’ve needed a flashlight in Rage 2. Even caves had plenty of lighting.

Yeah, sounds like some kind of gamma issue for some people.

Hmm, a new game+ and iron man mode might make for an interesting playthrough.


Tim Willits is out!

Great with harder modes…was hoping the game would be a bit harder for a bit more tactical challenge.

Half off on Steam this week. Thats $10 less than it was during the summer sale 2 weeks ago!