Rage 2 - Bethesda and Avalanche witness me


Something I wanted to comment is how they insist in that the game has the id gunplay. I wonder if people are blind, because the action, while looking much better than Just Cause, it’s still clearly not at the same level of Doom, in polish and feedback.


GMG updated the DRM section of Rage 2’s store page to mention Bethnet rather than Steam, and the game is pre-purchaseable on Bethesda’s store as a Bethnet download, which I suppose shouldn’t be a huge surprise given Fallout 76’s exclusivity.


Guess I won’t be playing this in PC. Easy come easy go.


Oh wow. Bethesda really intent on pushing their shitty store. Glad I wasn’t much interested in this, but new Arkane games not being on steam is gonna suck.


I have not yet used the Bethesda store, is it really that bad?


Wow that trailer really got me hyped.


I didn’t see any kind of Ubimap. There was a map, but no sea of repeated icons. If you weren’t expecting an open world from a Rage sequel from the Mad Max devs, I don’t know what you did expect.

I thought it looked rather fun, but… I think I’m ready for a new console generation. Everything looks over familiar now. I think adding more pixels will fix it.


You didn’t see all the icons? They were flying at the screen like a Windows 95 screen saver.


You mean those things at the 15s mark etc? Those could be more ubilike I suppose. I saw them more as explosions than activity icons.


Yeah I am more upset about this than the EPIC store exclusivity stuff going on.

It’s like they want RAGE 2 to fail.


It’s like they’re reinventing the high street. You want shoes and mincemeat, you go to two different shops…



Post-apocalyptic colorful punk? Man, good thing no other popular game went down that route.


Every time i try and remember a Rage 1 level, I picture Borderlands maps.


Remember the sewer areas they were all horrible and the same. Cannot be forgotten.


That train station was good though. The Blue Line? And everything was enhanced by your mechanical spiders of death.



I’m trying to get all hyped up for this game, but they’re trying to ruin that.


There’s more gameplay footage out there now. I love hearing that they’re taking “DOOM 2016’s gunplay” and putting into this game, but none of the gameplay videos actually show that so far. I can tell that it’s certainly more DOOM than Division and all, but this game doesn’t get nearly as frenetic. And while I’m sure a lot of my impression here is because I’m just watching it rather than playing it, the fact is that from what little we’ve seen so far, everything just looks so grounded and flat-planed–compared to DOOM’s parkour fun.

I’m still pumped for the game though, even if they aren’t doing the best job of making it look good. I love first-person arcadey shooters, and I want more of them. I don’t mind the open-world stuff, I just want frantic gameplay with lots of enemies jumping out trying to blast me before I explode them. With that being said, maybe it’s because they set the difficulty super low for that particular venue, but the enemies look slow and stupid. There’s no danger on display here, the player ducks around a corner and everybody just seems to forget about him immediately. And when he’s out in the open, I’m reminded of the goons from the Arkham Asylum or Assassin’s Creed games, just a bunch of guys huddling around you calmly waiting their turn in line to take a swing at you–giving you all the time in the world to punch them each in the face first.

Anyway, I sound more down on the game than I really am, I just want it to be good (or my subconscious is actually trying to tell me something I don’t want to hear–but I can’t hear it, LA LA LA LA LA LA).


This game looks fantastic. Two things I greatly appreciated in DOOM 2016 that seem to be back for Rage 2: dropping you into a mini-sandbox area and letting you play how you want with the tools at your disposal, and console 60 FPS (at least on One X / Pro). The guns sound punchy and look like they feel good to shoot. Some of the weapon upgrades in DOOM were awesome so I’m excited to see what they come up with here.

I’ve been transitioning from PC to PS4 for more games lately and 30 FPS is something I’ve been having trouble adapting to. Almost every game feels like it’s chugging and unresponsive. DOOM was a breath of fresh air, and I’m happy to see Rage 2 prioritize that silky smooth gameplay.

@kerzain Agreed about the enemy AI.